Chapter 9: Transvaal

Mark Notes

jrth and leo
-have the nuke in the truck, going to tsai’s place
-jrth crashes the truck in a lower level trash route because he’s on drugs. they discuss what to do with the nuke before the cops get to them. they decide to drag the nuke into a dumpster, then have leo direct it (it auto-moves) while using his sanitation disguise. jareth goes into the dumpster with his armor on. also takes the heavy weapons.
-they get LOS to Tsai’s apartment

Max Notes

Mittnick Must Die!

·      Coming out of the tank, sees Sabio and Desmond

·      Sabio is pestering him without introducing himself, then introduces himself

·      Tsai sent Sabio to save his mind

·      Vlad thinks he’s okay, explains everything to Sabio and Desmond (spacestation for Tsai, filled with AIs/androids, weapons)

·      Sabio goes in

·      Desmond is pissed about betrayal (compel), brings in Vlad to find Mittnick

·      Vlad just wants to get out, Desmond reveals his previous Terran spying

·      Cormac Security shows up to arrest Vlad, Desmond pulls rank


Jareth Takes Driving Lessons

·      Jareth crashes the truck

·      Nuke’s in the dumpster


The Long Walk

·      Desmond tells the 8 they’re going ahead, follows along

·      Vlad hacks an auto-turret

·      Desmond stabby stabs

·      Tosses the bodies off the catwalk

·      Vlad is mentally linked to Tsai’s tech


Tsai’s Place

·      Leo phones in the truck crash, cops come to talk to them

·      Vlad intercepts it, tries to help

·      Kills two cops but they scream

·      Full on fight

·      Leo obliterates people with laser cannon

·      Jareth pushes dumpster – mobile cover, nuke is in it

·      Desmond betrays the cops

·      Grimes gets away

·      Vlad jams communication

·      Find Tsai’s false IDs, server, ignition for a starship

·      Left nuke at Tsai’s face


The Prison

·      Desmond brings Leo in

·      Chief Payne interrogates

·      Leo gives us all up L

·      Vlad hears Leo’s call to the CO and intercepts it, Seneschal was Getty the whole time!

·      Finds out that Leo gave them up…signal cuts out due to emotion

·      Desmond talks to Tsai

o   Talk to Lorrie

o   Tell Leo Transvaal

·      Pain talks to Desmond and Leo

o   Memorys unlock

o   Remembers Marcus

o   Anti-Myrmidon

o   In and out of a tank


·      Tsai

o   Reveals to Leo that he hired Leo through Marcus

o   Wants to escape with everyone except Jareth

o   Leo executes Tsai – REALZ


The Terrorist

·      The cops surround Vlad and Jareth

·      Desmond shanks Grimes

·      They pin Jareth down, tagging him with Head Down (which they use)

·      Jareth takes a bunch of damage, Major Consequence – Battered with Pellets

·      Lyceaon talking with Leo, Leo stops him from taking the shot

·      Rina drives in with the truck and the nuke

·      They all pin Jareth down, prepare for execution

·      Vlad pretends to be Colonel Linnus Getty, pulls it off, warns everyone about the nuke and the switch, goes to deactivate it

·      Deactivates it, with Time To Spare

·      Engineers start coming in

·      Jareth mouths off to Rina

·      “Aren’t you taking this kind of personally?”

·      She takes the gun out of his mouth, cries, then unloads on him

·      Jareth dies, Vlad tosses the grenades before they go off, truck, cars explode, Jareth’s arms explodes

·      Most of the cops out there die, Vlad takes a severe (missing arm), Rina takes an extreme

·      Leo gets Vlad out of there and escape with Gentsia on Orbium Celestia

·      Vlad reveals his identity

·      So where are you heading next, Leo?  Leo and Gentsia go to Titan




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