Chapter 2: Gun


· After three days, Vlad is starting to get the hang of it!

· Taking notes on his wrist computer, encrypting the files

· Gensia suggested that he take a break, omelettes and fruit!

· Talked to the manager of McCormick’s, Joe, fails to really explain his complexion, but whatever.

· Looking up Dr. Sai on the internet, Sai did some early virtual research for immersive tech with Dr. Wenhao Lim, ended up in opposite camps, used computer to delve into minds, Sabio is super extremist.

· Got a map of the city (a bit redacted, you get a lot of access restricted

· Interlude

· Went to the port to see ships, go back and Tsai is not present.

· NEXT LEVEL SHIT – Seneschal

o Will no longer have a virtual body

o Voice only?

o Abandon the illusion of the tangible self

o Okey doke.

· Distinctly Earth, manhole type thing, interpretive

· Mind gets assaulted by many sources of information, seem to be looking out as a camera lens, he sees a large missile, there are other sensors in the room, can move his perspective

· Controlling a simulation of a manufacturing facility

· Making glue, jumping from sensor to sensor

· Interlude

· Basically playing tower defense involving his own mind

· Makes a bunch of drones to send out at the ship, then fire missiles

o Makes some rail-guns, missiles, etc

· Group of small ships surrounding a main ship

o Unusually it’s a free state fleet

-jareth pops some pills and plays with the guns, including: 2 smoke grenades, a stun grenade,

an emp grenade, a guass heavy smg, a gauss heavy shotgun, a gauss heavy pistol, a minigun, and

heavy battle armor. Also, a medi-simulant injector (compatible with battle armor), an explosive

satchel, and a fiber-optic cable. All in awesome condition, not of galilean make, appears to be

mercenary-wear (off-brand weaponry).
-he drinks alcohol and chills out
-gentsia holo-called while he out, listens to her message, grabs some chocolate bars, pain

killers, and some weapons. he leaves to go meet up with her
-she says that she doesn’t need to know about him or anything to do with him, but that he’s to

meet with the doctor to discuss the nature of his work, she hands him a locator/communicator

thing to find him
-Jrth orders a sandwich at the place, eating it sloppily, gentsia says that Tsai and jrth’s

previous employer (Dakkon) have some kind of history, nature unkown. she leaves, und jrth

follows his locator thing
-jrth enters luxury viewing port, and sees the doctor. Tsai explains that the port is generally

used for anonymous romantic excursions, going to the highest bidder. Tsai says its for privacy,

and hands jrth a memstick with his mission on it. jrth says just tell me who and where, and

tsai laughs. tsai tells him that the memstick’s contents will be wiped after being read, money

goes not to jrth but to dakkon (his old colleague). he is officially off tsai’s payroll.
-memstick: contains a stolen galilean security record on dr tsai, explaining how he’s

obfuscating his research and breaking the law. says that he’s bringing in outside people to do

research on military research for unkown reasons. galilean security dispatched myrmidons to

mess up his operations. tsai is not permitted to have personal security force, hence jrth
-memstick continued: desmond, an agent from balrog company (of myrmidons) is sent to find reena

scoffield in corsec, prandtl grimes (shady man) is a contact of tsai’s
-contents wiped, jrth goes to a seedy bar near a port
-“talks with fists” compelled at bar, harasses some guy playing billiards about myrmidons,

different guy whips out knife, escalation, dude backs down, gives him a locator and says "call

me up when you wizen up". Jrth immediately calls him, admits small amount of fault, gets

cooperation and they go to a table
-dude asks what puts myrmidons on his mind, jrth explains that life in the GU is good and

everywhere else is shit. dude explains he was a trader, name am laughlin, got into smuggling,

foiled by myrmidons, and they took off some limbs. jrth asks why he was so upset about bad

mouthing the myrmidons, the guy responds that he knows that they’re around, as well as their

contacts, so they’ll get to you real quick
-jrth goes to go look for grimes (compelled by “show me the money”) at the place where he

usually patrols, goes trolling, two officers come up to him, and he asks them if either of them

is grimes, and he mouths off to them and culls their shit, they direct him to a waiting area

and say that grimes will be with him shortly.
-3 dudes come up and says that one of them is grimes, jrth makes up some stuff about how he and

grimes go way back, they say nope, jrth says its friendly, and the other two walk away, and

they guy says that the manner in which he has approached him is poor form. they go to a bar,

and grimes says go to the bathroom and they’ll talk there, jrth complies
-he locks the bathroom door (so they’re both in the stalls), grimes rolls a thing out of the

stall and deactivates the camera, he comes out and bears his nasty face.
-they talk of their mutually shadyness, and then of myrmidons. jrth asks about desmond, then

grimes whips out a gun and asks who he am, jrth slaps gun away from him, and continues asking

about desmond. cooperation is has, grimes says that desmond is investigating tsai, currently in

cormac. he says that if he really wants info talk to reena scoffield. Also, desmond am first,

more coming depending on what he finds. Balrog company specializes in destroying assets. grimes

says that he could give him more pointers if he’s “incentivized”. Jrth asks him about marcus

dakkon, and he tells him that he dropped off weapons to tsai for reversed engineering. Grimes

says that he can get him a police map of things, and then jrth talks about payment/threats.
-they negotiate to trade one of jareth’s untracked pistols for the map and access to some

family homes

-Vlad goes for a quiet drink at The Dent where Jrth was
-day 2 of attacks, armor idea successfully repels OFS fleet, and rail guns
wave 2: terran recon vanguard drone
-Vlad: make pods that deploy chaff, and ra
-chaff disrupts the initial wave
-2 frigates arrive and flank
-Vlad makes turrets
-Frigates deploy strikers with thermal and EMP weaponry to hit torrents
-Vlad rail guns the missile ports on the frigates
-Vlad destroys gunboats with suicide attack from the station
-they talk about Vlad’s trick at the end of the last simulation and how tsai must reprogram it

order to make it more challenging
-vlad calls up gentsia for hang-out options, they go to war history museum, Vlad gets compelled

by Educated Homeworlder to tell her “the real story” about the war, she slips up and says

something about how all of tsai’s contacts like guns. she tells him about another free-stater,

a merc (jrth) who got a lot of guns under tsai’s employ. vlad assures her that they’re both

safe as long as all the guns stay with jrth



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