Marcus Dakkon

The Tyrant of the Brimstone Raiders


No one knows much about Marcus before the day he stepped off of a dusty old cruiser and found himself peering up at Venus’s sulfuric clouds. The man was no stranger to a fight, that much was clear. His salt and pepper hair belied his vigor and spoke not of age, but of experience. He kept to himself, working odd jobs every now and then, but no one knew much about him, and not many cared to. He paid his debts, kept true to his word, stayed hidden in plain sight. Then one night as he sat in his usual spot in the bar, a certain pitfighter took offense to Marcus’s quiet solitude. The young and brash fighter, drunk on swagger and god knows what else, demanded that the older gentleman pay his respects to a champion, to a true man by buying him a drink. Marcus cordially declined.

What happened next has been twisted by rumor and hearsay. What is known is that the pitfighter, fresh off his victory in the arena, made a terrible mistake. He spit at Marcus. It would’ve been “spit on,” but everyone agrees that the spittle had barely left the fighter’s scarred face when in a whirl of motion the pitfighter was on the ground and Marcus was grinding his boot into the young man’s chest. Marcus’s grey eyes were cold and merciless as he gazed down at the so-called champion.

A month later, the pitfighter was freed from his contract after a sudden change of heart from his employer. It didn’t take him long to find new employment. Within the next year, Marcus and the pitfighter began recruiting. They took from the pits, the docks, hell, even from what passed for law enforcement on that forsaken rock. The Brimstone Raiders were born.

Marcus still remains a enigmatic figure with Jareth largely acting as the face of the Raiders. What little is known seems ill-fitting. Rumors say that Marcus is possessed of a powerful, even majestic air. That he is cold and distant, but honorable. A deal with the Brimstone Raiders was one wrought in iron. Still others speak of him as ruthless, harsh, and violent. What is known is this: The Brimstone Raiders, each and every one of them, would die for him.

Marcus Dakkon

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