Dr. Sabio Esdras

Former Top Consciousness Researcher Turned Lab Monkey


HC: Former Top Consciousness Researcher
Trouble: Really far down, but not out

Great – Academics
Good – Will, Empathy
Fair – Notice, Influence, Investigation
Average – Athletics, Deceit, Physique, Stealth

Vox Emitter (1)
Used to transmit audio to others at distance
Emotional manipulation (2)
Doctorate – Psychology (1)
+1 topics related to Psychology;
+2 topics related to Neuroscience specifically
Genius at work (1)
Once per session, use Fate Point to use academics in place of any other skill
Psychologist (1)
Reduce people’s mental consequences; once per person
Lie whisperer (1)
+2 to Empathy rolls to discern or discover lies


- – - – - – - – - – - -


Defining Aspect: Revenge-Seeking Scientist
Ambition: “I’ll kill the bastard who ruined my lab!”
Background: Precocious Consciousness Researcher
Convictions: “We must understand our brain to truly understand ourselves.”
Disadvantages: “I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong.”

Exceptional skill: “Let’s talk about your feelings…” (Empathy)
Foe: Ikvinder Nand (Persuasion)
Gear: Voxmesh Suit (Craft)
Help: Ghost in the machine (Persuasion)
Inferior skill: Tunnel vision (Perception)


Agility 2
Endurance 1
Perception 3
Strength 1

Craft 3
Knowledge 3
Reasoning 4
Willpower 3

Deception 2
Empathy 3
Persuasion 2
Resources 3


Experienced x2 (3 AP)

Vox Emitter (1 AP)

Tuned Influence [Reasoning] (5 AP)

Doctorate — Psychology (1 AP)

Genius at Work (2 AP)


2411 – Born 8 April in Cormack, Europa.
2426 – Parents recognize very early on that he is exceptionally bright, allow him to take PsychCert standardized test at the age of fifteen. Passes with flying colors.
2427 – Joins his first lab at the age of seventeen. Researches affective states in participants who use immersive technology.
2432 – Joins his second lab. Researches altered states of consciousness in participants who use immersive technology. Meets Dr. Dviri.
2439 – Opens his own lab in Cormack with Dr. Dviri. Together they tackle the question of what these altered states of consciousness are.
2441 – An equally young Ms. Rothko joins the lab. She challenges Sabio to think of the intellectually tougher question, “What is consciousness?”
2442 – Ms. Rothko becomes Mrs. Esdras.
2446 – The birth of their second child, Gabrielle. Their first child, Donatella, is nearly two years old.
2452 – Geisterzeit begins.
24 – Dr. Dviri disappears and their lab is destroyed, their research having vanished into thin air.

2496 – War was beginning. Someone set up us the bomb.

Dr. Sabio Esdras

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