Chapter 8: Brain

Mark’s Version:

 -vlad and leo talk about how to begin assault on Tsai’s stuff, leo peruses of the weapons that 

vlad made, tells him where to go.
-vlad goes off to sleep leaving leo to watch over jareth, who wakes up with Leo pointing a 
laser cannon at his face, recognizes leo, tells him that we’re going after tsai. name-drops 
marcus dakkon bc he recognizes the myrmidon tattoo. leo doesn’t remember who he’s talking 
about, asks about how he knows him. jareth says they picked up leo from some salvage. leo says 
meh, and that they need to attack tsai soon. jareth expresses doubt, but goes with it for the 
-sabio goes to lunch with tsai at luciano’s (sandwiches), expresses how he’s glad that sabio is 
still active. tsai does a dick move by asking sabio about his family and work, no dice. 
-tsai asks him about the myrmidon he did recent work with, sabio deflects. listens in with 
voxmesh on tsai, hears conversation about someone not being able to make it into work

Max’s Version:

Vlad’s Warehouse

·      Desmond goes off to pursue his own mission

·      Jareth wakes up, Leo’s training a laser cannon on him

·      Jareth recognizes him, Leo’s confused, Jareth points out that a few years back the raiders picked Leo out of some wreckage, Marcus ordered them to give him a ride, same tattoo

·      Jareth looks at the blasted door and at Leo, what the fuck happened while I was out?

·      Leo says doesn’t matter, we’re going for Tsai now.

Vlad’s Dreams

·      A woman and Tsai

·      Hacker writes a code that can backdoor into anything

·      Beating Kline


·      Getting breakfast with Gentsia

·      Tsai is getting more paranoid

·      Vlad tells her shit’s about to go down

·      “Don’t go to work today.”

·      Meet up at wherever the smoke is


·      Calls Lillith

·      Asks for reinforcements, isn’t happening

·      T-30 minutes alert to Leo

·      Goes to work, gets in tank

·      Desmond is in the room, holding something


·      Tsai’s being a dick

·      Asks about Leo

·      Overhears Gentsia calling in sick

·      Tsai admits existence of Free Consciousness

·      Sabio lies and says he doesn’t know, but Tsai sees through it

·      Thousands of Free Counsciousnesses have been captured and hidden, time to liberate them

·      Sabio: Why are you telling me this?

·      Grimes shows up to arrest Tsai, uses pistol to link him to Jareth

·      Sabio overhears Seneschal telling Tsai that someone is hacking them, Vlad’s sanity is at risk

·      Tsai realizes Sabio can hear him, silently communicates with him, sends him to save Vlad

·      Grimes takes Tsai in


·      Once he’s clear of Tsai’s facility he calls Mitnick

·      Good job Desmond, cuts Desmond off without giving him his side of the deal

·      Desmond goes back into Tsai’s laboratory

Vlad in the Tank

·      Routine at first

·      Feels like there’s a third party

·      Gets attacked

·      Hears a third voice

·      Doesn’t really like Terrans

·      Vlad’s been found out

·      Going to try to backdoor Mitnick to steal his stuff

·      Vlad is going to help Seneschal

Jareth and Leo

·      Make breakfast

·      Leo calls Grimes, Grimes says he has stuff to give Leo

·      Leo admits working with the cops

·      Jareth rigs a Deadman’s Switch on the nuke and drives it off in a truck

·      Chief Payne tells Leo there’s a traitor

·      Flashback to Desmond

o   Desmond tells Grimes that Leo is working for Dr. Tsai

·      Leo’s under arrest – Leo takes Payne hostage long enough to get away then ditches him 

·      Gets the 30 minute alert

·      Calls Jareth to get him to come back

·      Jareth picks him up, screams at cops that it’s deadman’s switch

- Arthur and a handful of cops show up

- Leo shoots laser at Arthur, burns armor

- Arthur tries to wrestle Leo, Jrth mongolian chops Arthur

- Arthur and Jrth wrestling, Leo deals with cops who are shooting Jrth

- Arthur choking Jrth out

- Leo laser cannons Arthur’s head

Sabio and Desmond

·      Sabio sees Desmond fiddling with an Immersion Tank

·      Empathy check reveals Desmond’s Blinded By Loss, sees his desperation

·      Revelations

o   Desmond’s holding the beacon, FIX THIS

o   Sabio is like who made this?

o   Mitnick…

o   FUCK

·      Passes it off to Obi, who identifies it, working on solution

The War in the Head of Vlad & The Warehouse Brawl

·      Mitnick tries to break Vlad’s mind

·      Jareth and Leo fight Arthur and some cops, eventually ending with all the cops dead, and Leo shooting Arthur in the back of the head

·      Vlad gets mindblasted, ends up inside Ladysmith filled with robots

Face of an old man, tank opens  



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