Chapter 7: Vision


Spoiler alert: Leo, don't read 


Leo went into tank

Chowdury recommended Leo talk to Sabio

Ikvinder encounters Leo

Sabio speaks with Leo, mentions that Ikvinder is a problem

If Leo wanted, Sabio could perform experimental (side effects lol) procedure to go through memory

What's going to happen: you will perceive me as being there with you, but his mind isn't in the simulation

Leo: want to make sure everything he saw was confidential

Sabio: lol dis 4 research

Starts going through the data from Leo's session, then goes offline with it due to sensitive info




Tells Leo that instruments require calibration to match the modifications to his body

Might report stuff, but anonymized

Leo: "Last thing I remember was escaping an ambush"

"Where were you? Texture of walls?"

Excerpt from Myrmidon secret combat mission

"What were you looking for?"

"To eliminate the target"

Target was in adjacent room; ambushed when stepped through door

Sees Myrmidons with armor who have Klein & Mitnick logo on them

"Why were you there?"

Sent there due to orders; guy he was after was harboring… something

"How did you confirm the target was here?"

"I checked my armor…"

"Oh, the target was Mitnick!"


Oh fuck lol

"Do you want to go to another memory?"

See a briefing room, inside is the translucent face of a commanding officer (Linus Getty)

"Mitnick has gone too far… he was harboring free consciousnesses, he should be removed"

*Instead of removing free consciousnesses, they were storing them

*Shadow involvement in High Council

Wasn't where he was supposed to be


The memory Leo is experiencing in the briefing room has telltale signs of information being fed to him in an immersion tank

Not false because he still saw it, but not true because he didnt fully experience it

*Probably not Galilean high command that gave this mission to him

Obi is last of free consciousnesses (that I know of) that are not under Mitnick's control




36hr personal research sequence

Immersion tank is similar to immersion tanks used throughout Cormack

Pursues it further

All labs in Cormack use a lab with a Klein & Mitnick signature

Someone used a simulation which could be spied on by Klein & Mitnick to assign Leo a mission to kill Mitnick

Therefore, probably wasn't someone who used Klein & Mitnick security

Copernicus Sai's lab doesn't use Klein & Mitnick security due to Seneschal being his security

Sabio checks back into his lab

Bellicose: Dr Sai required to get lunch with Sabio (had Seneschal contact Bellicose)


After Leo recovers these memories, news stories come up about terrorist attacks at night club

Police have captured terrorist

Jarreth's image being broadcast everywhere

People claiming he hasn't been caught; police chief assures everyone he has




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