Chapter 5: Ladysmith

vlad wakes up and has some time to look at lilith’s intel
-tsai doesn’t use klein und mitnick security, all are handled through .seneschal
-briefings on GISA investigations into tsai’s hidden research, no evidence of what he’s

acutally doing.
-really big orders of material
-small cohort of myrmidons for shedding light on his operations on cormac (possibly)

Goin to work, greeted by tsai. he says that he has revamped the simulationkts

-.seneschal greeting
-go into deeper level again, control of several manufacturing facilities (diff)
-simulated dwarf planet, three facilities across equator, one on each pole
-vlad makes planetary guns, proximity mines, fortifications on the ground and facilities,

carriers that hold attack drones that suicide when close and bomber drones, a nano-reactive

cloud to prevent scans, better scanner, missile launchers, jammer drones
-simulation realm called ladysmith for code

after work, next day
-gentsia shows up, vlad puts foot in mouth explaining how work is hard
-news on jrth terrism, gentsia recognizes him, vlad says that she’s in way over her head

(paranoia + myrmidons + jrth), they go back to vlad’s quarters bc its safe (vlad broke the bug)
-gentsia tells that tsai is worried about myrmidons and others which is probably what jrth is

supposed to distract, gentsia is worried that she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place with

tsai and people coming after tsai
-she says that she’s gonna get more info on stuff and meet up with vlad in the bar called Nadir

at Nadir
-vald brings gun, he gets there before gentsia, taking in the dive-barness
-gentsia appears in semi-disguise, expalins jrth situation in more detail
-gentsia is like why am i telling you this, and vlad says that he’s also nervous about his

position bc he’s not a free stater and that once he’s done with tsai, he can go home and stay

there. trust acquired. gentsia says that she’s gonna try to get a longer break for vlad so that

he can get his stuff from laughlin
-vlad goes home and sleeps

-first level of sim, motes of light, k&m logo, vlad sees .senschal talking with tsai,

simulation stuff from ladysmith
-wake up, vlad gets feeling that he’s had the first of the side effects from the tank, also has

feeling that he “witnessed” some of those things while unconscious
-lets gentsia know that he’s had side effects, she says she’ll talk to tsai

-vlad hits up lilith, tells her that she should contact gentsia, also asks for research info on

weapons stuff (discretely)
-call back from gentsia that tsai will give him time off and that tsai wants to talk to him

about what am problem with side-effects

at tsai’s
-vlad receieves tea from .seneschal, tells tsai the specifics of his dream, tsai gets oh shit

look, then has shaky reasoning on why it couldn’t have been real
-vlad presses tsai on why ladysmith is the way it is (connection to real world), and tsai says

something about moon being attacked from enemies in an asteroid field (oddly specific)
-they decide that vlad shouldn’t drink any alcohol while on medication for immersion tank

meeting wiff laughlin
-go to laughlin’s hangar and take apart “the queen”, the skiff that he’s giving to vlad.
-they take it apart and load it into laughlin’s truck and put it into a warehouse that vlad

“buys” from him
laughlin informs vlad of jrth’s desire to has meetink
-laughlin says good luck and don’t call me when the shitstorm happens’
-Vlad weapon construction montage -
lasers, armor, and a nuke



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