Chapter 4: Concussion

Scene 1: Jareth, Pwyll City Club

-Jareth runs

-Communication from Grimes: "Pick this up if you want to live."

-Jareth asks if he can alert the police of the deadman's switch

-Grimes: Myrmidon likely already sent by Rina.

-Grimes: Let me arrest you or fight your way out.

-Jareth: Fuck that shit I'm fighting my way out.

-Grimes: Desmond is not the only one.

-To Rina: "BTW Deadman's Switch, XOXO you're hubby"

-Sends picture.

-Gets sniped as he runs out of the building.

-Takes minor to reduce 9 stress to 7.

-Grazed rib

-Takes 8 stress.

-Takes cover by bursting back into the club

-Room with club owner talking to police man

-Club owner angry with police

-Policeman hides club owner behind desk and misses Jareth with Shotgun.

-Jareth leaps over the desk and smashes the policeman over the head, smashing it like a watermelon.

-Smashes back into the club, firing his shotgun and killing a police officer in front of the door.

-Dodges turret fire then runs up to turret gunman, pulling him to the ground and beating him.  Kills him by punching through his chest.

-Sniper/shooter guy fires at Jareth through doors/smashed walls, hitting him

-Takes 4 stress.

-Jareth gets behind turret and loads it.

-Takes major to reduce 9 stress to 5.

-Hole in cheek

-Jareth point blank full auto's the sniper (myrmidon guy)

-Myrmidon takes minor to reduce 9 stress to 7


-Sniper (myrmidon guy) full auto's at Jareth and tag's "Grazed rib" and "Hole in Cheek"

-Jareth tag's "Dazed"

-Jareth diverts 18 stress hit (-4 to armor) (-2 fate point) and takes severe (-6) to 6 stress.

-Lost left ear (persistent perception)

-Jareth heats up shogun and bashes myrmidon in the head

-Myrmidon diverts 4 to armor and takes severe (concussion) to reduce 16 stress to 6

-Myrmidon runs into other room and closes door to begin reloading.

-Jareth smashes through the wall but the myrmidon has gone.

-Jareth chases after the myrmidon…sees him carrying the hostage up ladder…blows up the hostage…myrmidon dies.

-Jareth tries to escape through sewer.

-Jareth cauterizes ear.

-Jareth escapes through sanitation duct

Scene 2: Desmond, Flashback

Watching Vlad, looking for Jareth (not successful), spying on Tsai (eh success)


o   Tsai has hired Vlad, Marcus Dakkon affiliate who is off the radar (Jareth)


·      Main contact is John Cartesius (freelance hacker, affiliate of boss)


·      Knows Vlad has purchased weapons


·      Distress signal from Cormac Security


·      Cartesius has set Vlad up with Loughlin for weapons purchase, told Desmond


·      Has talked to Gensia Madrigal (Tsai’s secretary)


·      Gensia is involved with Vlad and Jareth, most recently helping Vlad


·      Vlad went to publishing company to meet contact


·      Tsai does not use Kline and McNik’s security unlike most


·      Flashback to talking with boss (high council)


o   Tsai has recently gone off the grid, super high security and privacy


o   Seneschal 


§  Sophisticated AI, in control of security


§  Created by Tsai


§  Possibly AI based off of Tsai himself


§  Has been unfazed by hackers


§  Tsai has been hiring help from Outer Free Planets – “research assistants”


§  Tail the research assistants to find an “in”


o   Gets a memory stick to upload data from Tsai’s system


o   Transportation – Cormac Security


§  Reena Scoffiled


§  Wants to vet them


§  Is going to get a stipend and a list of contacts


o   Up to judgment, but would prefer privacy


o   About a month ago


Scene 3: Leo, Chowhury's lab

-Leo talking to someone

-Might know a researcher that can help with lost memory.

-One of Wen Lau Lim's understudies

-Gives contact points for the lab's volunteering center…or arrange meeting at a restauraunt.

-Goes to clinic/volunteer center.

-In one of the lower rings of Kormak.

-Given permission to use his alias … something about his true name might come out … they're under strict nondisclosure.

-At clinic

-Everyone else malnourished/drug addicts/very poorly off

-Leo stands out

-Young Indian Guy: "Are you here to volunteer for a study"

-I'm here for a choudery study (????)

-Linoleum floor

-"sweaty" waiting room

-Strung out Woman: "What are you doing here big guy"

-Did you just ask me that? Look

-Older guy(Sabio) walks out…looks at Leo…says "Dwayne"

-"Come with me I'd like to talk with you before we get into anything…do you have time?"

-Rows of immersion tanks.

-Cutting edge.

-Taken to Sabio's "debriefing" room

-Comforting room, soft lighting, wooden table with 2 chairs.

-Sit in chairs…Sabio has electronic tablet.

-Goes to terminal…hits button…image of terra cotta soldier comes up…requests silence in the room.

-"I understand that your circumstances are strange and I wanted talk with you first."

-"Ich Linder" and myself, "Sabio," have been running the lab in "Lim's" absence…he is out.

-We study things that occur in the confines of the human mind.

-Nebulous and difficult, though not impossible, to understand.

-Glancing over tattoos … "The modifications on your body do not render your mind beyond understanding, though I will need to calibrate my instruments first …"

-"Let me lay a little more on the table …"

-Past research on free consciousnesses and full immersion

-Was one of the key researchers into the consciousness question during the Geisterzeit.

-Been working where he can on the "acceptable" cutting edge of science.

-Though the depths of the human mind are what really interests him.

-If there is something you are hoping to reclaim in your mind I am sure we can find it.

-Nondisclosure CONTINGENT ON IDENTITY (Anonymize any disclosed info … only in personal files)

-Will take time to recover in full…do you want to know technical details?…any questions?

-What is the procedure?

-Put you into partial immersion and guide with a series of questions and encoded suggestions that will guide you through your mind.

-Substances will be involved.

-Sabio give's Leo sandwitch … asks Belicose to prepare a private immersion room.

-Immersion chamber is a reclined chair … thing will come down on top.

-Goes into chamber … fades into a "floating/fixed space" … feels like "being in a video game"

Scene 4: Leo's Mind 

-Hologram of Dr. Estross pops op.

-"It appears that you are adjusting fairly well…I know I mentioned that I would follow you into this immersion…do understand that this is not Sabio speaking to you int he strict sense…just a set of procedures outlined by Sabio…Will not know the things you say to me now until i decipher them later."

-"What is the point in your memory…temporally or through peripheral memory…where you would like to recover your memory."

-Where were you during ambush?

-Trojan cluster

-Describe/visualize the texture of the walls.

-As he visualizes a dream memory manifests itself … area he is in turns into it.

-What were you looking for?…any other details?…why were you sent here?

-To eliminate the target.

-How did you get into this room?(no doors)

-Door appears.

-Was the thing you were looking for supposed to be in this room?  Or in a later/other room?

-In an adjacent room.

-Door appears

-"So when you stepped into that door you were ambushed?"

-Walked in … guy wasn't there … ambushed.

-What do you know about the people who ambushed you/the man you were hunting.

-I recognized this logo on the myrmidon's armor.

-Anything else about why you were here?

-Only the info needed to eliminate the target.

-Step through door and recognize hostiles.

-A lot of dreamlike quality is lost.

-Details start being filled in

-Whole scene freezes

-Lots of computers

-Kline and Mitnik do not make computers, must be their stuff, he was inside a Kline & Mitnik server room

-Sent there because of orders

-Harboring something

-At the end there is another door

-Information might be stored in his old armor

-Did you check if the target was there before operation?

-target was Mitnik

-Go to another memory?

-Remember more about being assigned his mission

-Small private meeting room in a ship on route to ________


-Mission explained by commanding officer…remote

-What is lighting like?

-Room comes into proper view

-"In spite of his contributions to this nation, Mitnik has gone too far…when we thought he was removing free consciousnesses he was actually harboring them…we cannot know what damage he has caused…it is imperative that he be removed."

-Mitnik a sitting high council member who contributes intelligence.

-Mitnik probably on life support.

-Pulled out of immersion

-Were you satisfied with what you found?

-This definitely worked

-Confidentiality concerns? 


Scene 5: Jareth, in a Dark Room 


 -Jareth wakes up in a dark room, chained to a chair..

-Desmond ask's Jareth questions …

-Who are you


-Why are you here

-On a job from Marcus

-What job

-Help with shipping


-Protect from the guys who want to stop it

-What do you do after this job?

-Idk another job? 


Jareth asks

-What do you want?

-Help getting to Tsai

-I don't have a line to him

-You are connected to him

-What do I get from this

-To live???

Scene 6: Leo, CFS headquarters

-Goes to police

-Asks to talk Rina

-Rina grieving

-Talking with Rina

-"They didn't tell me they were sending more"

-Other myrmidons have been giving a standing order to assist Cormak's security forces.

-Have you been given a similar order?  Or would you be willing to contribute?

-I was given no such order … I should be able to meet that request. 


Scene 7: Desmond, Cormac


·      Back to present


·      Has talked to Reena to deal with living quarters and whatnot


·      Other Myrmidons that are around (all work for high council members, all in contact with Reena)


o   Lycaon (Erinyes) [Hunter-killer]


o   Jibril (Erinyes) [Hunter-killer]


o   Arthur (Garm)


o   Does not know about Leo (off grid)


·      Exposition over


·      Earlier the same day as Jareth’s escapades


·      Wakes up in quarters


·      Cormac security has mobilized in response to terrorist/hostage


·      Amos Payne is in charge of the operation (prior contact)


·      Calls Amos


o   “What’s this shit about?”


o   Perimeter set up, don’t want to pull you away, Jibril on scene, Lycaon inbound


o   Decides to go


o   Finds out that terrorist has modified arms


o   Don’t let Jibril fuck everything up


o   Pwll City – Sixth ring, fourth octant (Recreation)


·      Makes to the scene, but bomb’s already gone off


o   Jibril and Lycaon look alike


o   Reena is there, shell shocked, sad


o   Lycaon is debriefing with Amos, Lycaon looks disturbed


o   About fifteen minutes later


o   Can tell that shit didn’t go too well


o   Found corpses, one cop is alive and being treated


o   Owner is still there, owner has no idea where Jareth went


o   Asks Lycaon if Jibril is tracking, Lycaon gestures to Office Payne for debriefing


§  Jibril is KIA


§  Made good time, but not enough


§  Escaped into the sanitation system, probably heading to Central Reclamation


§  Terrorist had bomb on hostage, detonated the hostage


§  Jareth’s image was recorded


o   Goes to the sewer


§  Knows the terrorist is Tsai’s man


§  See three holes in walls


§  Some viscera everywhere


§  Ladder blown up


§  Jareth is Venusian, prepared for toxic fumes, went into the waste


§  Blood in the alley


§  Sewage system is torn up


·      Heads to sixth ring central reclamation without backup


o   No one knows he’s there


o   Jareth punches out


o   Sticks Jareth with the paralytic, carries Jareth out, invisible


o   Gets out with Jareth


Scene 8:  Leo, CFS Headquarters




·      Tries to reach Reena to get in contact with Getty but Grimes is her replacement


·      Talks to Grimes to find Colonel Getty


o   Grimes is an asshole buttkisser


o   Getty hired Leo


o   Reports to Getty


§  Metnick not where he was anticipated


§  Myrmidon bodyguards


§  Jibril is KIA (lol nub)


§  Desmond not known to Colonel Getty


§  Don’t be too heavy handed


§  Learns about Tsai


o   Desmond’s info file is truncated


·      Knows Matnick is hiring myrmidons who have disappeared


·      Assist/infiltrate with both Tsai investigation or Cormac investigation to gather information on Desmond


·      Klein is on Cormac


·      Might still be sent after Klein


·      Tells Getty where he’s residing 



Scene 9: Desmond and Jareth, the Black Site 


·      Interrogation room


o   Can’t see out of the room


o   Torture mechanisms – intimidation


o   Well-fortified – a room that bombs could be set off in


o   Abandoned/quite building


·      Jareth is chained to a chair


o   Drugged up, giving up a little more than he wants


o   Offered to match Tsai’s offer, untraceable money, potentially more jobs


o   Works out a deal for as much money as Jareth was going to get, but without Marcus’s cut, , goes to meet Loughlin


·      At the bar


o   Loughlin meets Jareth, won’t reveal much about Christos


o   Desmond watches the exchange


 Scene 10: Leo, Dr. Chowdhury's Home




·      Talking to Chowdhury


o   Fake ID for sanitation


o   Stolen research


§  Remote delay problem


§  Remotely control a device a few miles away or whatever


§  But controlling something very far away would take too long


§  Free consciousness – mind essentially changes anchor from self to something else, controlling ships from across space with just your mind, no delay (almost like Tsai's research hmmm)


o   Knows about leak in Klein 


 Hasn’t contacted Cormac Security due to corruption



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