A Call to Action

"What frontiers of man we have conquered!

Long ago we conquered the lands of the Earth,
And along with them, we charted all the seas.

When we grew too many, and wracked the lands,
And poisoned the seas,
We looked to the sky!

We did not think it could be done,
That we should conquer the sky, and the moons,
In time to stall the bleeding and keep our Earth from dying.

But it could no longer be all our Earth, for we were still too many.

So we conquered all the seas.
And with what we learned from conquering the seas,
And conquering the moons,
We conquered the planets!

No longer should we have the want of space,
For expansion can continue on forever:
Resources know no bound, and every barrier that man has met,
Has fallen.

So where do we now stand?
How is it that we find ourselves,
When scarcity has all but been abolished,
Still starving?
Still cramped,
And craven,
And faced with filth and vice,
The very same that have been facing us
Since time immemorial?

I will tell you!

We have conquered every frontier that we have dared!
We have conquered the land,
And the seas,
And the moons,
And the planets.

Where there was not light, we have let there be!
And yet, I need not convince you that we are far from being Gods.

Why should this be so?

We have conquered every frontier which we have laid our eyes upon.
We have conquered every frontier outside ourselves.
And it has changed nothing!

So what, what frontier have we left to conquer?

We all know the answer, and yet we have been afraid to ask the right questions.

It is time to shed the illusion that expansion forever outward will remedy the disease of human waste!

It is time to break the bonds that shackle our imaginations and prevent progress long overdue!

It is time, my friends. The Age of Expansion is over. A Galilean Renaissance has begun!"

Gavrilo Laurentz, Father of the Secret Renaissance, April 18, 2373


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