Venus was terraformed after Mars, but its not half as nice. The toxic atmosphere is mostly taken care of, in that its still possible to walk around in the open air without dying from the atmosphere–too quickly that is. The rare visitor from another Nation-Body generally needs to take a hefty cocktail of bio-supplements to acclimate to the still harsh conditions, should they wish to wander frequently outside the sparse arcologies that dot the planet's surface.

Its hot on Venus, and most of its surface is lava plains. The civilized areas on Venus are enclosed in domes, which are made more Earth-like in their climate for comfort and to help grow food. Out of choice rather than force, "tribes" of religious extremist groups have made Venus their home. The harshness of the climate makes being disturbed by visitors highly unlikely, and gives them the freedom to wander and practice their traditions by themselves.

The largest common stop for outsiders is the city of Lakshmi.

The largest city is Tabernacle, an extremist hub.

Where Marcus Dakkon founded the Brimstone Raiders.


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