The Galilean Union

The first formal collection of Nation-Bodies to group together politically after the collapse of the United Solar System Colonization Effort.


Intellectual meritocracy feeding into constitutional oligarchy.

 Galilean High Council – Based on Ganymede, and its three main Bureaus

- Bureau of Internal Management

- Bureau of Defense

- Bureau of Science and Technology


 At it's core are the four Nation-Bodies of the Galilean Moons of Jupiter:





While these form the chief population centers, there are many other smaller Nation-Bodies, space stations and enclaves that are part of the Galilean Union, including:

Sun-Jupiter L1 Ultra-Large Power Station

Sun-Jupiter L2 Observation Array

Sun-Jupiter L4 Greek Maritime Fleet

Sun-Jupiter L5 Trojan Maritime Fleet

Small Moons of Jupiter

Jovian Low-Orbit Defense Array

Jovian Low-Orbit Civilian Infrastructure

The Galilean Union

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