Cormac Metropolis

Players: I'm going to edit this page heavily when I have a chance this week.There have been some major changes to Cormac's history.

One of the older cities on Europa and therefore one of the oldest in the Galilean Union.

What started as a collection of habitable units for the families of scientists working in the Cormac Subocean Laboratory Complex has developed over a few centuries into a sprawling metropolis and one of the main population centers on Europa.

Few of Cormac's buildings are visible from the surface, but the vast residential, commercial and industrial segments of the main city wind miles down into Europa's subsurface ocean. Methane vents provide most civil power, including that used for the Cormac Public Rail.

Like most cities on terraformed bodies, most of the food on Cormac comes from algae and tissue farming. However, richer residents can afford to dine on Terran marine fauna which have been genetically and chemically adapted to survive in the surrounding waters.

The city proper has a population of about 12 million, while Greater Cormac (comprised mostly of habitable tunnel complexes and mini-arcologies) houses another 27 million.

Cormac Metropolis

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