Vladimir Hayder

Terran tech specialist



HC: Top Terran Military R&D
Trouble: Way Out of My League

good-academics, shooting
fair-empathy, will, fighting
average-physique, influence, athletics, investigation

Architect of Death- +2 to engineering when creating or modifying weapons
Smooth Over- +2 to influence when calming people
Choice Equipment- +2 to influence when acquiring items
Geek Speak- gain a +1 to influence, deceit, and intimidation when talking about technology
I’ve got Just the Thing- Spend a Fate point to have a tool on your person that is designed for the task at hand, giving you a +2 to engineering rolls with that tool
Gut Feeling- spend a fate point to get the answer to a yes/no question from the GM
McGyver- you can use engineering to accomplish complex tasks quickly (one exchange), but your solutions are haphazard, creating a scene aspect which can be compelled for backfire of a kind



-born March 9, 2460, New York, Earth

-attends MIT from 2478 to 2484 
-hired by Mustang Arms Corporation for R&D in 2484 
-after several promotions, asked by the TF military to work in their R&D department (2486) 
-Marries Monica Emerita in 2486 
-transferred from Mustang Corporation to the Terran Federation Armed Forces, given basic training, and given rank of lieutenant in 2487 
-work on various projects for the military between 2487 and 2496, mostly related to TF defenses 
-son Austin born in 2489 
-daughter Isabela born in 2491

Vladimir Hayder

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