Big, Buff, Bouncer


HC: Big Buff Bouncer

Peak Skills: Physique, Fighting 


Micky currently works as a bouncer for the city's most happening nightclub, ArsenicMoon. He might look big and stupid, but he actually knows a damn lot about security systems. He even has a TechCert! Micky met Lorrie when he hauled her from the crowd for causing a disturbance and threw her (very hard I might add) off the outside platform. That is not how friendships usually begin, but life is strange and all that good stuff. Lorrie now regularly meets with Micky, sometimes to talk about a particular security system and sometimes to just talk about life. Micky likes cafes, retro-style dinners, and has a large T-shirt collection. He is allergic to (cats – not common in GU, though totally possible the bio guy has a collection) and lives in a node adjacent to a woman who constantly blares a non-directed audio feed. He is not sure why, there is not enough audio insulation between them.


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