Lorrie Shimomura

Information Specialist, on and off site


Definite Aspect: “Computers are my best friend. They do what I tell them to.”
Ambition: Replace Klein as the best hacker on the Galilean moons
Background: Upwardly Mobile: Thieving street scum -> Successful Criminal Hacker. That’s upward mobility, right?
Convictions: Life is short….
Disadvantages: ….thats why there’s the vagus nerve!!!
Exceptional Skill: Your tech likes me better than it likes you (knowledge? craft?)
Foe: K&M Corporation thinks people are like hardware – dispose of when not needed any longer (persuasion)
Gear: I’m watching you, with my cybernetic eye that is (empathy)
Help: Employee of the Month at K & M Security Group (knowledge)_
Inferior Skill: Here, you carry it (strength)

Abilities (added 2 by sacrificing advantage points)
Agility 3
Endurance 2
Perception 3
Strength 1
Craft 2
Knowledge 3
Reasoning 2
Willpower 2
Deception 3
Empathy 1
Persuasion 4
Resources 2

Fast Talker (1) _
2 rolls to convince someone what you say is true_
Legal Eagle (1) +2 on all social interaction when dealing with the law
Five Minute Friends (2) for a fate point you have a much better chance to make a friend given five minutes of conversation
Absolutely stunning (2) absolutely stunning (help on persuasion I hope/think)?
Persistent Aspect (2) – Your tech likes me better than it likes you (knowledge? craft?)
Cyber-eyes (Enhanced Sight) (1)
Uplink Implant (Machine Submersion, Wireless[which will be free]) (1)


Klein & Mitnick Secuirty Group : Executive Computer Database. Please enter your query.
>> shimomura_lorrie.exe

>> enter
This document has been classified. Only employees with a lv1 security clearance may view this document. Please enter your GU identification code, followed by your employee number:
Access code accepted. Retrieving document… __ -—————————————————————————-
Klein & Mitnick Security Group : Internal Employee Review
Basic Employee Information: -———
Name: shimomura, lorrie -———
Race: 50% new asian national, 25% canadian revival, 25% unknown -———
Birthplace: District 94, Ganymede
Current Date: -———
Age: 31.421 -———
Residence: 37611-1531 Kolikai St, 5th level, Europa
Working Statistics: -———
Position Within Company: senior partner -———
Job Description: head of data security, scientific corporations division -———

Employee Satisfaction Rating: 98% Positive comments from last employee review:
————-“able and hard working”
————-“one of the best security analysts in the system”
————-“always gets the job done”

Negative comments from last employee review:
————-“not always punctual”
————-“reports are often not submitted by deadline”
————-“reports, when submitted, often leave out critical information”
————-“has violated the ‘code of conduct for employees’ several times, including inappropriate clothing, inappropriate conduct with fellow employees, tardiness…”
End of document
There is no additional material relating to this employee


There is no additional material relating to this employee
Access code accepted. Retrieving document… __

 There is no additional material relating to this employee
Three documents found


Document selected. Read document?
>>yes -—————————————————————————-

 date stamp: 15 years ago


Remember cyberONE, that hacker logging in from ancient computers I asked you to put a trace on? I found the pattern and decided to make a little visit while I am on G. Turns out it was some teen girl logging in from worn out cafes in the west slums and pleasure districts. Thought of killing it, but I think I’ll use this one. It’s code was clean, and since NX-515 is gone I’ll need a replacement. Brining this new one back with me to E when I go back next week. Maybe if I clean it up and teach it not to bite I can get something which can do site jobs for clients. It has good social skills, just needs some debugging.

I’m sending you this information partly in regards to your previous inquiry. I understand your concerns are only natural in this field of business. But I want to ensure you that I understand fully the implications of us parting ways and also the benefits of our collaboration. Regarding the leakage of the data we discussed at our last meeting, I can assure you I had no reason to distribute such information. We are doing 24/7 damage control over here. I’ll let you know if I have any leads. As a precaution, I would increase the number of normal consultants used at our K&M office locations. I’ve started hiring some truly banal people to bore the GU officials into giving up their suspicions. I am moving all my NX hackers to the secondary office here on E.



Lorrie Shimomura

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