Former Pitfighting Slave Turned Mercenary


High Concept: Fiery Fist of Fortune
Trouble: “Alleged” Terrorist

Why Talk When You Can PUNCH?
Popping Painkillers Like Candy

Fighting 4
Athletics 3
Physique 3
Intimidation 2
Crime 2
Notice 2
Will 1
Shooting 1
Engineering 1
Pilot 1

Venusian Gladiator Grafts
(-2 Refresh)
As a young lad on the Venusian streets, Jareth was taken in by the kindly Dr. Silvos who fed him and cared for him. Then he cut off Jareth’s arms with a laser saw (without anesthesia!) and grafted arms of his own genius design to the boy. To make up for the cost of the procedure, Jareth was generously given the opportunity to work off his debt by becoming a pit fighter! Huzzah! Fortunately, the arms work pretty good (though they still cause Jareth excruciating pain when he’s not drugs) and Jareth became a champion pit fighter and effective enforcer. The mechanical arms allow Jareth to make Fighting attacks as Weapon:4, and nearly all “raw strength” applications of Physique are also at +4.

Fist of the Tyrant
(-2 Refresh)
One of Jareth’s favorite features of his new arms is their ability to generate massive amounts of heat with a thought. In order to utilize this awesome ability, Jareth must roll Physique against a Fair difficulty to place an White Hot aspect on his arms. Jareth can invoke this to automatically deal 2 stress to a target in your zone once per target per turn. This applies to free invokes. This aspect can be invoked and compelled normally. Furthermore, it grants him a +2 to Weapon Rating.

Venusian Synthweave Alveoli
Due to Venus’s less than totally breathable air, Jareth had his lungs reinforced with a special synthweave. It allows him to hold hid breath for about a half hour and probably has a slightly negative impact on his maximum lifespan. Oh well.

Dynamic Entrance
Walls are just doors that haven’t been made yet. Jareth’s fists are here to solve that problem. When using his fists to break down walls and other physical barriers, Jareth gets a +2 to the Overcome attempt.

Venusian Piledriver
As a pitfighter, Jareth has learned and employed a wide repertoire of brawling moves. However, his signature move was known as the Venusian Piledriver. Jareth grappled his opponents into submission, then pummeled them. It was pretty sophisticated stuff. If Jareth succeeds with style when Creating an Advantage with the Fighting skill, he may forgo the second boost in order to deal stress equal to the number of shifts plus the weapon value minus one.


Cormac Internal Security Alert – Brimstone Raiders

All customs officials, dock security, and civil law enforcement be advised: Suspected members of the Brimstone Raiders have been spotted offloading a large shipment of unknown goods to a warehouse belonging to Salath “Your Ol’ Pal Sal” Zan, a local crime lord of no minor influence.

The Brimstone Raiders are a large salvage operation based out of Venus, but are suspected of destroying ships and subsequently plundering them. However, system records of these alleged attacks have been unrecoverable and all transmissions during these events blocked making any legal proof impossible. Venusian authorities continue to investigate but all attempts at infiltration have failed. All members should be considered armed and highly dangerous.

Key Figures of the Brimstone Raiders
Marcus Dakkon, also known as “The Tyrant” is the long time leader and founder of the Brimstone Raiders. Little is known about the man himself, but his position as leader implies a certain amount of ruthlessness and strength. If found, do not approach.

Jareth, last name unknown, also known as “The Fist of the Tyrant” is the de factor majordomo of Marcus Dakkon, handling most of the group’s operations planet side but also serving as the chief liaison with other organizations of questionable legality. Jareth was a former pitfighting champion in Venus’s premier pitfighting arena before retiring under unknown circumstances. Both arms have been replaced with robotic counterparts, enhancing his strength. Due to his pitfighter past, Jareth is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat as well as possessing an inhuman tolerance for pain. Approach only with reinforcements, lethal force authorized. Has been linked to assault, public drunkeness, breaking and entering, smuggling, attempted murder, murder, vehicular manslaughter, vandalism, destruction of public property, and general unpleasantness.


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