Hort Matnill

K&M Affiliate Biotech specialist, programmer, serious caffeine adict, owns too many cats, kinda smells like cats too...



Smells like Cats

There's Always Room for Improvement


Hort doesn't smell great. Hort doesn't look great. Hort is also kinda an elitist jerk for a single guy who lives in a rundown complex with five (Genetically/chemically-enhanced?) cats. But, all things considered, Hort is very good at working with biotechnology and bio implants. A true genius, if you will. He can modify almost anything to maximize a person's natural potential. Still, all things considered, Hort still smells like cats. Hort is in charge of creating and maintaining custom bio-tech for 'special' employees of Klein & Mitnick Security Group. He knows Lorrie from K&M, and owes her some favors when he had her hack into his second ex-wife's bank accounts. Fun fun fun.

Hort Matnill

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