Ghost Myrmidon in Balrog Company



Fate Core Version (tentative):


4 Stealth

3 Athletics, Deceit

2 Influence, Fighting, Notice

1 Shooting, Empathy, Physique, Intimidation


2 Cloaking Field – Pay Fate Point to turn Invisible.

1 Assassin's Strike – +3 to one Fighting/Stealth attack per scene while hidden

1 Shadow Strike – Use Stealth instead of Fighting to attack while hidden

1 Knife Master – +2 to attacks with Knives

1 Fast Talker – +2 to convince a target that you are telling the truth with Deceit

1 Grace Under Fire – +2 to initiative in Physical conflicts.

or Killing Stroke

1 Slippery Target Variant

1 Poisoned Blades – Consequences you cause with blades grant two free invokes. 


Physical Stress: 4
Mental Stress: 4
Social Stress: 6

Strength: 2
Agility: 4
Perception: 3
Endurance: 2

Reasoning: 3
Willpower: 1
Knowledge: 2
Craft: 1

Persuasion: 3
Deception: 4
Empathy: 2
Resources: 3



Defining: Love-shattered Ghost Assassin
Ambition: Reunite with Arya
Background: Spent 5 years as a spy in the Terran Federation
Convictions: I act for the benefit of myself and those I love
Disadvantage: Unhealthy Obsession

Exceptional Skill: I can talk my way out of anything – Deception
Foe: The one who took Arya – Persuasion
Gear: Fangs carved from a giant snake – Resources
Help: The man behind the curtain – Persuasion
Inferior Skill: Path of Least Resistance – Willpower

Equipment 2xFangs – WR +3 – Small Light Gauss Pistol – WR +5 – Armor Penetrating – Small – 2 Range Protective Vest – +1 AR Light Sniper Rifle – +6 WR – 4 Range


Known to be a myrmidon that was sent after Dr. Copernicus Tsai by the High Council. Has contacted Officer Rina Scoffield.


Astropolitik Kojira