Chapter 6: Convergence

·      Gets Jareth’s number
·      Goes to work on the ladysmith
·      Seneschel notices that he’s tired L
·      Very broad but low level attack
·      Adds slow stealth missiles
·      Nanocloud

Leo & Desmond
·      Compelled to investigate Leo
·      Goes to see Grimes, minor argument with Lykaeon
·      Showing Leo around
·      The two of them try to feel each other out, Leo has a lot of tattoos signifying skills and such, Desmond has no tattoos
·      Decide to work together

·      Gets all of the gear from his apartment
·      Leaves for meeting without Desmond…oops

Leo & Desmond
·      Desmond ditches Leo to rush to the meeting
·      Leo see him use invisible

Vlad contacts Jareth
o Vlad forces Jareth to meet at his workshop in 2 hours
o Jareth goes and picks up ALL weapons
Vlad meets Jareth
o Jareth: I heard you were working for Psy … what does he have you
doing? My side didn’t go so great.
o Vlad: I’m doing some immersion tank design work
§ It’s a way to control a computer with your brain.
o Vlad: I’m a little concerned about Psy’s position with the Galilean
§ Need some muscle/enforcement
§ Can pay you in armor/weaponry
o Jareth: BTW guy coming to meet you
§ He wanted to meet you too

-Desmond pops out from behind hull
-Vlad negotiates with Desmond to get "immunity"
-Desmond calls Vlad out on Terran accent, but doesn't push it
-Planning to take down Tsai together
-Desmond requests that Vlad put Jareth in a med-tank

Leo traces to Vlad’s warehouse … hears noise … Vlad shuts everything off and
gets ready.
Leo busts down door and enters.
Leo goes and tries to open one of the tanks supporting Jareth.
o Sees Jareth
Vlad stands and shows his prescence
o Invoke “I’m from the government …” and “smooth up” to be safe
§ “I have a gun but I don’t want to use it … I just made a deal with
the authorities so anything you do will probably come back to
bite you … can we talk about this.”
Leo: Show yourself
Vlad: Agree not to shoot me
Leo: That’s as much up to you as it is up to me
Vlad: Stands up
o Who are you?
Leo: Myrmidon investigating THIS terrorist who YOU are harboring
Vlad: Desmond brought him here its ok!
Leo: Well I still can’t let you off the hook.
Vlad: Look I know you think he is a terrorist but he is just working for psy
o If you want info talk to Psy
o Compel “My last mission” to tell Vlad what is worrying him
§ “Look I got hired on to work for psy and it seemed like a good
job … a lot more than I bargained for … mentally damaged
beyond stress … and I don’t want to do it anymore for the sake
of my person.”
Leo: What is psy having you do that is damaging your mind?
Vlad: I’m not going back in those again … I’m getting weird dreams … seeing
things from somewhere else.

Leo: Compel “Take back my humanity” for sympathy and to connect the dots
and want to figure out whats going on with Psy.
o Look, catching psy is whats important … if you can help me capture
him you can make harboring this guy look small.
Vlad: Looks like hes trying to leave the union?
o Run a simulation that’s basically a tower defense on a moon and and
asteroid belt … making defenses for some invading fleet.
Leo: Chowdery’s drug lets people control something really far away … must
be controlling an ACTUAL defense system.
o Leo tells Vlad
Vlad: I am/would be appalled.
Leo: Show me how to undo it
Vlad: How about I go into work tomorrow?
Vlad: So have I been killing actual people … is europa under seige?
Leo: No but somewhere you are moving actual machinery against some
actual invading force.
Vlad: I know I’ve been fighting free stater ships
o What if someone makes a big problem for psy’s stuff and seneschal
must deal with it … while he is distracted I can do a lot of damage.
o I kinda hired Jareth cause I knew people were coming after me …
§ He seems pretty mercenary … you could probably get him to
help you.
Leo: That also means he is expendable.
Leo: Ok cool then help me take out Psy.
Vlad: Want this big boom device?
o Shows Leo the fusion reactor.

-desmond contacts boss, tells him what vlad told him about tsai's work, also says that vlad is def a terran
-boss says that he has info on missing terrans, sifts through to match kristos up with one of them, successfully matches with vlad hayder. desmond reads credentials, and realizes the gravity of who vlad is
-desmond says that vlad isn't the real threat, and has been cooperative, so they should focus on tsai. boss says that vlad/lt. hayder can probably used as a way around .seneschal's security
-boss says contact lt. hayder and use him to get into tsai's lab
-switch topic to leo: he's very dangerous and sooner or later he'll be a problem and discover that desmond is rogue
-boss finishes by saying get the info asap



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