Chapter 3: Escalation

Scene 1 – Vlad

Epistem Customer Notification for hardcoded version at view port

Lilith Woman in working clothes, archivist person, cool eyewear, providing requested materials

VLad asks after related works, there are, a pressing matter or wait for more complete search?
day to wait constraint

Epistem woman offers advisor, vlad interested

Resolution: To be contacted by advisor for pressing if it is possible if not jeoporidizing research. Vlad send her bad vives message.

Scene 2 – Jareth

The Drop
-Jareth gets the heavy gauss pistol from arsenal
-Makes the drop and gets map info
-Includes estimated police response times and access to Scoffield's home address

Scene 3 – Leo

-memory of briefing room, man says something about a guy harboring some group, and that that's why he needs to be taken down. flashback to fight with myrmidons, takes many down, rendered unconscious by explosive while in escape pod.
-Leo wakes up. smells insence, seems like a guest bedroom, outfitted to maintain temp&humidity.  he notices his hair is longer and he has the stubble, different/nice clothes. nutrient "IV" on arm. some books am around. leo sees a stylus and grabs it for weapon. AI appears on night stand (18th century look), introduces himself as vamana. he am in the care of doctor chowdhury. gets him food, says that leo hasn't eaten solid food in weeks. eats, then looks for an exit. vamana says that the doctor would like to talk to him before he leaves, knows he's a myrmidon. leo waits, gets some nondescript utilitarian clothes.
-chowdhury arrives, explains that leo was found by a patrol, and he took him in, since he used to do work on myrmidons. leo asks why he's been so generous, ch says that he'd rather not be on leo's bad side. says that he could be useful in some of ch's research. ch deduced how leo was made unconscious. follows the guy to lab, chatting.
-they get to sea lab. chowdhury says he's doing work on immersion recovery. chowdhury offers him menial position while he gets his bearings back. they start talking about if leo has some credentials, but leo says that it would probably be better to fabricate some, they go to a terminal and as chowdhury goes through a bunch of authorization things, and a familiar symbol comes up, (K&M) and leo remembers seeing it on his mission.
-chowdhury says that leo needs to go to the dented hull to meet with laughlin. Leo asks what Chow's angle is, and he says that unmarked labor is hard to come by, and being on a myrmidon's good side is a big plus. chow also says that he has need for a myrmidon, and leo says "perhap"

Scene 4 – Jareth

House Call
•Light Armor
•Boquet of Flowers – burned
•Confronted the husband, burned him a bit, stuck a satchel charge on him and left

Scene 5 – Leo

-leo gets ping, meets laughlin in dented hull. they has drink. leo don't wanna tell why they am meetingk, but says he wants new credentials, something that will let him move around the city pretty freely.
-leo gets the identitiy dwayne marks, a maintenance for compact waste management solutions, not glorious, but many mobility. he'll also have some references. laughlin gives him a document containing some physical sites to do work on. also, offers to am him the guns
-leo ams back to the doctol. leo tells him the false identity, and then chow says something about hiring him for disposal

Scene 6 – Jareth (and Leo?)

At the Club
•Let Reena know he had her husband, sent her a picture of bomb
•Rigged deadman’s switch, forgot to tell reena
•Go to the club, Leo present
•Three cops, EMPs are tossed, autoturret
•Jareth punches through walls to maneuver
•Ultimately punches to the outside

Scene 7 – Vlad

Vlad goes to Terminal, john carteseas face

discussion of danger and help

play waitng game, dont end up on receiving end. TRAPS!!

requesting guns, and maybe cameras
cases own quarters

Scene 8 – Vlad

-laughlin offers Vlad a drink, vlad says he's interested in getting some "advanced home security". laughlin mentions that he's getting low on bandwidth, feels like he might be supplying a bunch of sides in a conflict. reveals to vlad that he was contacted by a mercenary and he knows that myrmidons are about. vlad feels justified
-laughlin mentions that he has a defense pod that vlad can salvage from to has electronics, and says a gun or two would be nice



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