Chapter 9: Transvaal

Mark Notes

jrth and leo
-have the nuke in the truck, going to tsai’s place
-jrth crashes the truck in a lower level trash route because he’s on drugs. they discuss what to do with the nuke before the cops get to them. they decide to drag the nuke into a dumpster, then have leo direct it (it auto-moves) while using his sanitation disguise. jareth goes into the dumpster with his armor on. also takes the heavy weapons.
-they get LOS to Tsai’s apartment

Max Notes

Mittnick Must Die!

·      Coming out of the tank, sees Sabio and Desmond

·      Sabio is pestering him without introducing himself, then introduces himself

·      Tsai sent Sabio to save his mind

·      Vlad thinks he’s okay, explains everything to Sabio and Desmond (spacestation for Tsai, filled with AIs/androids, weapons)

·      Sabio goes in

·      Desmond is pissed about betrayal (compel), brings in Vlad to find Mittnick

·      Vlad just wants to get out, Desmond reveals his previous Terran spying

·      Cormac Security shows up to arrest Vlad, Desmond pulls rank


Jareth Takes Driving Lessons

·      Jareth crashes the truck

·      Nuke’s in the dumpster


The Long Walk

·      Desmond tells the 8 they’re going ahead, follows along

·      Vlad hacks an auto-turret

·      Desmond stabby stabs

·      Tosses the bodies off the catwalk

·      Vlad is mentally linked to Tsai’s tech


Tsai’s Place

·      Leo phones in the truck crash, cops come to talk to them

·      Vlad intercepts it, tries to help

·      Kills two cops but they scream

·      Full on fight

·      Leo obliterates people with laser cannon

·      Jareth pushes dumpster – mobile cover, nuke is in it

·      Desmond betrays the cops

·      Grimes gets away

·      Vlad jams communication

·      Find Tsai’s false IDs, server, ignition for a starship

·      Left nuke at Tsai’s face


The Prison

·      Desmond brings Leo in

·      Chief Payne interrogates

·      Leo gives us all up L

·      Vlad hears Leo’s call to the CO and intercepts it, Seneschal was Getty the whole time!

·      Finds out that Leo gave them up…signal cuts out due to emotion

·      Desmond talks to Tsai

o   Talk to Lorrie

o   Tell Leo Transvaal

·      Pain talks to Desmond and Leo

o   Memorys unlock

o   Remembers Marcus

o   Anti-Myrmidon

o   In and out of a tank


·      Tsai

o   Reveals to Leo that he hired Leo through Marcus

o   Wants to escape with everyone except Jareth

o   Leo executes Tsai – REALZ


The Terrorist

·      The cops surround Vlad and Jareth

·      Desmond shanks Grimes

·      They pin Jareth down, tagging him with Head Down (which they use)

·      Jareth takes a bunch of damage, Major Consequence – Battered with Pellets

·      Lyceaon talking with Leo, Leo stops him from taking the shot

·      Rina drives in with the truck and the nuke

·      They all pin Jareth down, prepare for execution

·      Vlad pretends to be Colonel Linnus Getty, pulls it off, warns everyone about the nuke and the switch, goes to deactivate it

·      Deactivates it, with Time To Spare

·      Engineers start coming in

·      Jareth mouths off to Rina

·      “Aren’t you taking this kind of personally?”

·      She takes the gun out of his mouth, cries, then unloads on him

·      Jareth dies, Vlad tosses the grenades before they go off, truck, cars explode, Jareth’s arms explodes

·      Most of the cops out there die, Vlad takes a severe (missing arm), Rina takes an extreme

·      Leo gets Vlad out of there and escape with Gentsia on Orbium Celestia

·      Vlad reveals his identity

·      So where are you heading next, Leo?  Leo and Gentsia go to Titan


Chapter 8: Brain

Mark’s Version:

 -vlad and leo talk about how to begin assault on Tsai’s stuff, leo peruses of the weapons that 

vlad made, tells him where to go.
-vlad goes off to sleep leaving leo to watch over jareth, who wakes up with Leo pointing a 
laser cannon at his face, recognizes leo, tells him that we’re going after tsai. name-drops 
marcus dakkon bc he recognizes the myrmidon tattoo. leo doesn’t remember who he’s talking 
about, asks about how he knows him. jareth says they picked up leo from some salvage. leo says 
meh, and that they need to attack tsai soon. jareth expresses doubt, but goes with it for the 
-sabio goes to lunch with tsai at luciano’s (sandwiches), expresses how he’s glad that sabio is 
still active. tsai does a dick move by asking sabio about his family and work, no dice. 
-tsai asks him about the myrmidon he did recent work with, sabio deflects. listens in with 
voxmesh on tsai, hears conversation about someone not being able to make it into work

Max’s Version:

Vlad’s Warehouse

·      Desmond goes off to pursue his own mission

·      Jareth wakes up, Leo’s training a laser cannon on him

·      Jareth recognizes him, Leo’s confused, Jareth points out that a few years back the raiders picked Leo out of some wreckage, Marcus ordered them to give him a ride, same tattoo

·      Jareth looks at the blasted door and at Leo, what the fuck happened while I was out?

·      Leo says doesn’t matter, we’re going for Tsai now.

Vlad’s Dreams

·      A woman and Tsai

·      Hacker writes a code that can backdoor into anything

·      Beating Kline


·      Getting breakfast with Gentsia

·      Tsai is getting more paranoid

·      Vlad tells her shit’s about to go down

·      “Don’t go to work today.”

·      Meet up at wherever the smoke is


·      Calls Lillith

·      Asks for reinforcements, isn’t happening

·      T-30 minutes alert to Leo

·      Goes to work, gets in tank

·      Desmond is in the room, holding something


·      Tsai’s being a dick

·      Asks about Leo

·      Overhears Gentsia calling in sick

·      Tsai admits existence of Free Consciousness

·      Sabio lies and says he doesn’t know, but Tsai sees through it

·      Thousands of Free Counsciousnesses have been captured and hidden, time to liberate them

·      Sabio: Why are you telling me this?

·      Grimes shows up to arrest Tsai, uses pistol to link him to Jareth

·      Sabio overhears Seneschal telling Tsai that someone is hacking them, Vlad’s sanity is at risk

·      Tsai realizes Sabio can hear him, silently communicates with him, sends him to save Vlad

·      Grimes takes Tsai in


·      Once he’s clear of Tsai’s facility he calls Mitnick

·      Good job Desmond, cuts Desmond off without giving him his side of the deal

·      Desmond goes back into Tsai’s laboratory

Vlad in the Tank

·      Routine at first

·      Feels like there’s a third party

·      Gets attacked

·      Hears a third voice

·      Doesn’t really like Terrans

·      Vlad’s been found out

·      Going to try to backdoor Mitnick to steal his stuff

·      Vlad is going to help Seneschal

Jareth and Leo

·      Make breakfast

·      Leo calls Grimes, Grimes says he has stuff to give Leo

·      Leo admits working with the cops

·      Jareth rigs a Deadman’s Switch on the nuke and drives it off in a truck

·      Chief Payne tells Leo there’s a traitor

·      Flashback to Desmond

o   Desmond tells Grimes that Leo is working for Dr. Tsai

·      Leo’s under arrest – Leo takes Payne hostage long enough to get away then ditches him 

·      Gets the 30 minute alert

·      Calls Jareth to get him to come back

·      Jareth picks him up, screams at cops that it’s deadman’s switch

- Arthur and a handful of cops show up

- Leo shoots laser at Arthur, burns armor

- Arthur tries to wrestle Leo, Jrth mongolian chops Arthur

- Arthur and Jrth wrestling, Leo deals with cops who are shooting Jrth

- Arthur choking Jrth out

- Leo laser cannons Arthur’s head

Sabio and Desmond

·      Sabio sees Desmond fiddling with an Immersion Tank

·      Empathy check reveals Desmond’s Blinded By Loss, sees his desperation

·      Revelations

o   Desmond’s holding the beacon, FIX THIS

o   Sabio is like who made this?

o   Mitnick…

o   FUCK

·      Passes it off to Obi, who identifies it, working on solution

The War in the Head of Vlad & The Warehouse Brawl

·      Mitnick tries to break Vlad’s mind

·      Jareth and Leo fight Arthur and some cops, eventually ending with all the cops dead, and Leo shooting Arthur in the back of the head

·      Vlad gets mindblasted, ends up inside Ladysmith filled with robots

Face of an old man, tank opens  

Chapter 7: Vision


Spoiler alert: Leo, don't read 


Leo went into tank

Chowdury recommended Leo talk to Sabio

Ikvinder encounters Leo

Sabio speaks with Leo, mentions that Ikvinder is a problem

If Leo wanted, Sabio could perform experimental (side effects lol) procedure to go through memory

What's going to happen: you will perceive me as being there with you, but his mind isn't in the simulation

Leo: want to make sure everything he saw was confidential

Sabio: lol dis 4 research

Starts going through the data from Leo's session, then goes offline with it due to sensitive info




Tells Leo that instruments require calibration to match the modifications to his body

Might report stuff, but anonymized

Leo: "Last thing I remember was escaping an ambush"

"Where were you? Texture of walls?"

Excerpt from Myrmidon secret combat mission

"What were you looking for?"

"To eliminate the target"

Target was in adjacent room; ambushed when stepped through door

Sees Myrmidons with armor who have Klein & Mitnick logo on them

"Why were you there?"

Sent there due to orders; guy he was after was harboring… something

"How did you confirm the target was here?"

"I checked my armor…"

"Oh, the target was Mitnick!"


Oh fuck lol

"Do you want to go to another memory?"

See a briefing room, inside is the translucent face of a commanding officer (Linus Getty)

"Mitnick has gone too far… he was harboring free consciousnesses, he should be removed"

*Instead of removing free consciousnesses, they were storing them

*Shadow involvement in High Council

Wasn't where he was supposed to be


The memory Leo is experiencing in the briefing room has telltale signs of information being fed to him in an immersion tank

Not false because he still saw it, but not true because he didnt fully experience it

*Probably not Galilean high command that gave this mission to him

Obi is last of free consciousnesses (that I know of) that are not under Mitnick's control




36hr personal research sequence

Immersion tank is similar to immersion tanks used throughout Cormack

Pursues it further

All labs in Cormack use a lab with a Klein & Mitnick signature

Someone used a simulation which could be spied on by Klein & Mitnick to assign Leo a mission to kill Mitnick

Therefore, probably wasn't someone who used Klein & Mitnick security

Copernicus Sai's lab doesn't use Klein & Mitnick security due to Seneschal being his security

Sabio checks back into his lab

Bellicose: Dr Sai required to get lunch with Sabio (had Seneschal contact Bellicose)


After Leo recovers these memories, news stories come up about terrorist attacks at night club

Police have captured terrorist

Jarreth's image being broadcast everywhere

People claiming he hasn't been caught; police chief assures everyone he has


Chapter 6: Convergence
·      Gets Jareth’s number
·      Goes to work on the ladysmith
·      Seneschel notices that he’s tired L
·      Very broad but low level attack
·      Adds slow stealth missiles
·      Nanocloud

Leo & Desmond
·      Compelled to investigate Leo
·      Goes to see Grimes, minor argument with Lykaeon
·      Showing Leo around
·      The two of them try to feel each other out, Leo has a lot of tattoos signifying skills and such, Desmond has no tattoos
·      Decide to work together

·      Gets all of the gear from his apartment
·      Leaves for meeting without Desmond…oops

Leo & Desmond
·      Desmond ditches Leo to rush to the meeting
·      Leo see him use invisible

Vlad contacts Jareth
o Vlad forces Jareth to meet at his workshop in 2 hours
o Jareth goes and picks up ALL weapons
Vlad meets Jareth
o Jareth: I heard you were working for Psy … what does he have you
doing? My side didn’t go so great.
o Vlad: I’m doing some immersion tank design work
§ It’s a way to control a computer with your brain.
o Vlad: I’m a little concerned about Psy’s position with the Galilean
§ Need some muscle/enforcement
§ Can pay you in armor/weaponry
o Jareth: BTW guy coming to meet you
§ He wanted to meet you too

-Desmond pops out from behind hull
-Vlad negotiates with Desmond to get "immunity"
-Desmond calls Vlad out on Terran accent, but doesn't push it
-Planning to take down Tsai together
-Desmond requests that Vlad put Jareth in a med-tank

Leo traces to Vlad’s warehouse … hears noise … Vlad shuts everything off and
gets ready.
Leo busts down door and enters.
Leo goes and tries to open one of the tanks supporting Jareth.
o Sees Jareth
Vlad stands and shows his prescence
o Invoke “I’m from the government …” and “smooth up” to be safe
§ “I have a gun but I don’t want to use it … I just made a deal with
the authorities so anything you do will probably come back to
bite you … can we talk about this.”
Leo: Show yourself
Vlad: Agree not to shoot me
Leo: That’s as much up to you as it is up to me
Vlad: Stands up
o Who are you?
Leo: Myrmidon investigating THIS terrorist who YOU are harboring
Vlad: Desmond brought him here its ok!
Leo: Well I still can’t let you off the hook.
Vlad: Look I know you think he is a terrorist but he is just working for psy
o If you want info talk to Psy
o Compel “My last mission” to tell Vlad what is worrying him
§ “Look I got hired on to work for psy and it seemed like a good
job … a lot more than I bargained for … mentally damaged
beyond stress … and I don’t want to do it anymore for the sake
of my person.”
Leo: What is psy having you do that is damaging your mind?
Vlad: I’m not going back in those again … I’m getting weird dreams … seeing
things from somewhere else.

Leo: Compel “Take back my humanity” for sympathy and to connect the dots
and want to figure out whats going on with Psy.
o Look, catching psy is whats important … if you can help me capture
him you can make harboring this guy look small.
Vlad: Looks like hes trying to leave the union?
o Run a simulation that’s basically a tower defense on a moon and and
asteroid belt … making defenses for some invading fleet.
Leo: Chowdery’s drug lets people control something really far away … must
be controlling an ACTUAL defense system.
o Leo tells Vlad
Vlad: I am/would be appalled.
Leo: Show me how to undo it
Vlad: How about I go into work tomorrow?
Vlad: So have I been killing actual people … is europa under seige?
Leo: No but somewhere you are moving actual machinery against some
actual invading force.
Vlad: I know I’ve been fighting free stater ships
o What if someone makes a big problem for psy’s stuff and seneschal
must deal with it … while he is distracted I can do a lot of damage.
o I kinda hired Jareth cause I knew people were coming after me …
§ He seems pretty mercenary … you could probably get him to
help you.
Leo: That also means he is expendable.
Leo: Ok cool then help me take out Psy.
Vlad: Want this big boom device?
o Shows Leo the fusion reactor.

-desmond contacts boss, tells him what vlad told him about tsai's work, also says that vlad is def a terran
-boss says that he has info on missing terrans, sifts through to match kristos up with one of them, successfully matches with vlad hayder. desmond reads credentials, and realizes the gravity of who vlad is
-desmond says that vlad isn't the real threat, and has been cooperative, so they should focus on tsai. boss says that vlad/lt. hayder can probably used as a way around .seneschal's security
-boss says contact lt. hayder and use him to get into tsai's lab
-switch topic to leo: he's very dangerous and sooner or later he'll be a problem and discover that desmond is rogue
-boss finishes by saying get the info asap
Chapter 5: Ladysmith

vlad wakes up and has some time to look at lilith’s intel
-tsai doesn’t use klein und mitnick security, all are handled through .seneschal
-briefings on GISA investigations into tsai’s hidden research, no evidence of what he’s

acutally doing.
-really big orders of material
-small cohort of myrmidons for shedding light on his operations on cormac (possibly)

Goin to work, greeted by tsai. he says that he has revamped the simulationkts

-.seneschal greeting
-go into deeper level again, control of several manufacturing facilities (diff)
-simulated dwarf planet, three facilities across equator, one on each pole
-vlad makes planetary guns, proximity mines, fortifications on the ground and facilities,

carriers that hold attack drones that suicide when close and bomber drones, a nano-reactive

cloud to prevent scans, better scanner, missile launchers, jammer drones
-simulation realm called ladysmith for code

after work, next day
-gentsia shows up, vlad puts foot in mouth explaining how work is hard
-news on jrth terrism, gentsia recognizes him, vlad says that she’s in way over her head

(paranoia + myrmidons + jrth), they go back to vlad’s quarters bc its safe (vlad broke the bug)
-gentsia tells that tsai is worried about myrmidons and others which is probably what jrth is

supposed to distract, gentsia is worried that she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place with

tsai and people coming after tsai
-she says that she’s gonna get more info on stuff and meet up with vlad in the bar called Nadir

at Nadir
-vald brings gun, he gets there before gentsia, taking in the dive-barness
-gentsia appears in semi-disguise, expalins jrth situation in more detail
-gentsia is like why am i telling you this, and vlad says that he’s also nervous about his

position bc he’s not a free stater and that once he’s done with tsai, he can go home and stay

there. trust acquired. gentsia says that she’s gonna try to get a longer break for vlad so that

he can get his stuff from laughlin
-vlad goes home and sleeps

-first level of sim, motes of light, k&m logo, vlad sees .senschal talking with tsai,

simulation stuff from ladysmith
-wake up, vlad gets feeling that he’s had the first of the side effects from the tank, also has

feeling that he “witnessed” some of those things while unconscious
-lets gentsia know that he’s had side effects, she says she’ll talk to tsai

-vlad hits up lilith, tells her that she should contact gentsia, also asks for research info on

weapons stuff (discretely)
-call back from gentsia that tsai will give him time off and that tsai wants to talk to him

about what am problem with side-effects

at tsai’s
-vlad receieves tea from .seneschal, tells tsai the specifics of his dream, tsai gets oh shit

look, then has shaky reasoning on why it couldn’t have been real
-vlad presses tsai on why ladysmith is the way it is (connection to real world), and tsai says

something about moon being attacked from enemies in an asteroid field (oddly specific)
-they decide that vlad shouldn’t drink any alcohol while on medication for immersion tank

meeting wiff laughlin
-go to laughlin’s hangar and take apart “the queen”, the skiff that he’s giving to vlad.
-they take it apart and load it into laughlin’s truck and put it into a warehouse that vlad

“buys” from him
laughlin informs vlad of jrth’s desire to has meetink
-laughlin says good luck and don’t call me when the shitstorm happens’
-Vlad weapon construction montage -
lasers, armor, and a nuke

Chapter 4: Concussion

Scene 1: Jareth, Pwyll City Club

-Jareth runs

-Communication from Grimes: "Pick this up if you want to live."

-Jareth asks if he can alert the police of the deadman's switch

-Grimes: Myrmidon likely already sent by Rina.

-Grimes: Let me arrest you or fight your way out.

-Jareth: Fuck that shit I'm fighting my way out.

-Grimes: Desmond is not the only one.

-To Rina: "BTW Deadman's Switch, XOXO you're hubby"

-Sends picture.

-Gets sniped as he runs out of the building.

-Takes minor to reduce 9 stress to 7.

-Grazed rib

-Takes 8 stress.

-Takes cover by bursting back into the club

-Room with club owner talking to police man

-Club owner angry with police

-Policeman hides club owner behind desk and misses Jareth with Shotgun.

-Jareth leaps over the desk and smashes the policeman over the head, smashing it like a watermelon.

-Smashes back into the club, firing his shotgun and killing a police officer in front of the door.

-Dodges turret fire then runs up to turret gunman, pulling him to the ground and beating him.  Kills him by punching through his chest.

-Sniper/shooter guy fires at Jareth through doors/smashed walls, hitting him

-Takes 4 stress.

-Jareth gets behind turret and loads it.

-Takes major to reduce 9 stress to 5.

-Hole in cheek

-Jareth point blank full auto's the sniper (myrmidon guy)

-Myrmidon takes minor to reduce 9 stress to 7


-Sniper (myrmidon guy) full auto's at Jareth and tag's "Grazed rib" and "Hole in Cheek"

-Jareth tag's "Dazed"

-Jareth diverts 18 stress hit (-4 to armor) (-2 fate point) and takes severe (-6) to 6 stress.

-Lost left ear (persistent perception)

-Jareth heats up shogun and bashes myrmidon in the head

-Myrmidon diverts 4 to armor and takes severe (concussion) to reduce 16 stress to 6

-Myrmidon runs into other room and closes door to begin reloading.

-Jareth smashes through the wall but the myrmidon has gone.

-Jareth chases after the myrmidon…sees him carrying the hostage up ladder…blows up the hostage…myrmidon dies.

-Jareth tries to escape through sewer.

-Jareth cauterizes ear.

-Jareth escapes through sanitation duct

Scene 2: Desmond, Flashback

Watching Vlad, looking for Jareth (not successful), spying on Tsai (eh success)


o   Tsai has hired Vlad, Marcus Dakkon affiliate who is off the radar (Jareth)


·      Main contact is John Cartesius (freelance hacker, affiliate of boss)


·      Knows Vlad has purchased weapons


·      Distress signal from Cormac Security


·      Cartesius has set Vlad up with Loughlin for weapons purchase, told Desmond


·      Has talked to Gensia Madrigal (Tsai’s secretary)


·      Gensia is involved with Vlad and Jareth, most recently helping Vlad


·      Vlad went to publishing company to meet contact


·      Tsai does not use Kline and McNik’s security unlike most


·      Flashback to talking with boss (high council)


o   Tsai has recently gone off the grid, super high security and privacy


o   Seneschal 


§  Sophisticated AI, in control of security


§  Created by Tsai


§  Possibly AI based off of Tsai himself


§  Has been unfazed by hackers


§  Tsai has been hiring help from Outer Free Planets – “research assistants”


§  Tail the research assistants to find an “in”


o   Gets a memory stick to upload data from Tsai’s system


o   Transportation – Cormac Security


§  Reena Scoffiled


§  Wants to vet them


§  Is going to get a stipend and a list of contacts


o   Up to judgment, but would prefer privacy


o   About a month ago


Scene 3: Leo, Chowhury's lab

-Leo talking to someone

-Might know a researcher that can help with lost memory.

-One of Wen Lau Lim's understudies

-Gives contact points for the lab's volunteering center…or arrange meeting at a restauraunt.

-Goes to clinic/volunteer center.

-In one of the lower rings of Kormak.

-Given permission to use his alias … something about his true name might come out … they're under strict nondisclosure.

-At clinic

-Everyone else malnourished/drug addicts/very poorly off

-Leo stands out

-Young Indian Guy: "Are you here to volunteer for a study"

-I'm here for a choudery study (????)

-Linoleum floor

-"sweaty" waiting room

-Strung out Woman: "What are you doing here big guy"

-Did you just ask me that? Look

-Older guy(Sabio) walks out…looks at Leo…says "Dwayne"

-"Come with me I'd like to talk with you before we get into anything…do you have time?"

-Rows of immersion tanks.

-Cutting edge.

-Taken to Sabio's "debriefing" room

-Comforting room, soft lighting, wooden table with 2 chairs.

-Sit in chairs…Sabio has electronic tablet.

-Goes to terminal…hits button…image of terra cotta soldier comes up…requests silence in the room.

-"I understand that your circumstances are strange and I wanted talk with you first."

-"Ich Linder" and myself, "Sabio," have been running the lab in "Lim's" absence…he is out.

-We study things that occur in the confines of the human mind.

-Nebulous and difficult, though not impossible, to understand.

-Glancing over tattoos … "The modifications on your body do not render your mind beyond understanding, though I will need to calibrate my instruments first …"

-"Let me lay a little more on the table …"

-Past research on free consciousnesses and full immersion

-Was one of the key researchers into the consciousness question during the Geisterzeit.

-Been working where he can on the "acceptable" cutting edge of science.

-Though the depths of the human mind are what really interests him.

-If there is something you are hoping to reclaim in your mind I am sure we can find it.

-Nondisclosure CONTINGENT ON IDENTITY (Anonymize any disclosed info … only in personal files)

-Will take time to recover in full…do you want to know technical details?…any questions?

-What is the procedure?

-Put you into partial immersion and guide with a series of questions and encoded suggestions that will guide you through your mind.

-Substances will be involved.

-Sabio give's Leo sandwitch … asks Belicose to prepare a private immersion room.

-Immersion chamber is a reclined chair … thing will come down on top.

-Goes into chamber … fades into a "floating/fixed space" … feels like "being in a video game"

Scene 4: Leo's Mind 

-Hologram of Dr. Estross pops op.

-"It appears that you are adjusting fairly well…I know I mentioned that I would follow you into this immersion…do understand that this is not Sabio speaking to you int he strict sense…just a set of procedures outlined by Sabio…Will not know the things you say to me now until i decipher them later."

-"What is the point in your memory…temporally or through peripheral memory…where you would like to recover your memory."

-Where were you during ambush?

-Trojan cluster

-Describe/visualize the texture of the walls.

-As he visualizes a dream memory manifests itself … area he is in turns into it.

-What were you looking for?…any other details?…why were you sent here?

-To eliminate the target.

-How did you get into this room?(no doors)

-Door appears.

-Was the thing you were looking for supposed to be in this room?  Or in a later/other room?

-In an adjacent room.

-Door appears

-"So when you stepped into that door you were ambushed?"

-Walked in … guy wasn't there … ambushed.

-What do you know about the people who ambushed you/the man you were hunting.

-I recognized this logo on the myrmidon's armor.

-Anything else about why you were here?

-Only the info needed to eliminate the target.

-Step through door and recognize hostiles.

-A lot of dreamlike quality is lost.

-Details start being filled in

-Whole scene freezes

-Lots of computers

-Kline and Mitnik do not make computers, must be their stuff, he was inside a Kline & Mitnik server room

-Sent there because of orders

-Harboring something

-At the end there is another door

-Information might be stored in his old armor

-Did you check if the target was there before operation?

-target was Mitnik

-Go to another memory?

-Remember more about being assigned his mission

-Small private meeting room in a ship on route to ________


-Mission explained by commanding officer…remote

-What is lighting like?

-Room comes into proper view

-"In spite of his contributions to this nation, Mitnik has gone too far…when we thought he was removing free consciousnesses he was actually harboring them…we cannot know what damage he has caused…it is imperative that he be removed."

-Mitnik a sitting high council member who contributes intelligence.

-Mitnik probably on life support.

-Pulled out of immersion

-Were you satisfied with what you found?

-This definitely worked

-Confidentiality concerns? 


Scene 5: Jareth, in a Dark Room 


 -Jareth wakes up in a dark room, chained to a chair..

-Desmond ask's Jareth questions …

-Who are you


-Why are you here

-On a job from Marcus

-What job

-Help with shipping


-Protect from the guys who want to stop it

-What do you do after this job?

-Idk another job? 


Jareth asks

-What do you want?

-Help getting to Tsai

-I don't have a line to him

-You are connected to him

-What do I get from this

-To live???

Scene 6: Leo, CFS headquarters

-Goes to police

-Asks to talk Rina

-Rina grieving

-Talking with Rina

-"They didn't tell me they were sending more"

-Other myrmidons have been giving a standing order to assist Cormak's security forces.

-Have you been given a similar order?  Or would you be willing to contribute?

-I was given no such order … I should be able to meet that request. 


Scene 7: Desmond, Cormac


·      Back to present


·      Has talked to Reena to deal with living quarters and whatnot


·      Other Myrmidons that are around (all work for high council members, all in contact with Reena)


o   Lycaon (Erinyes) [Hunter-killer]


o   Jibril (Erinyes) [Hunter-killer]


o   Arthur (Garm)


o   Does not know about Leo (off grid)


·      Exposition over


·      Earlier the same day as Jareth’s escapades


·      Wakes up in quarters


·      Cormac security has mobilized in response to terrorist/hostage


·      Amos Payne is in charge of the operation (prior contact)


·      Calls Amos


o   “What’s this shit about?”


o   Perimeter set up, don’t want to pull you away, Jibril on scene, Lycaon inbound


o   Decides to go


o   Finds out that terrorist has modified arms


o   Don’t let Jibril fuck everything up


o   Pwll City – Sixth ring, fourth octant (Recreation)


·      Makes to the scene, but bomb’s already gone off


o   Jibril and Lycaon look alike


o   Reena is there, shell shocked, sad


o   Lycaon is debriefing with Amos, Lycaon looks disturbed


o   About fifteen minutes later


o   Can tell that shit didn’t go too well


o   Found corpses, one cop is alive and being treated


o   Owner is still there, owner has no idea where Jareth went


o   Asks Lycaon if Jibril is tracking, Lycaon gestures to Office Payne for debriefing


§  Jibril is KIA


§  Made good time, but not enough


§  Escaped into the sanitation system, probably heading to Central Reclamation


§  Terrorist had bomb on hostage, detonated the hostage


§  Jareth’s image was recorded


o   Goes to the sewer


§  Knows the terrorist is Tsai’s man


§  See three holes in walls


§  Some viscera everywhere


§  Ladder blown up


§  Jareth is Venusian, prepared for toxic fumes, went into the waste


§  Blood in the alley


§  Sewage system is torn up


·      Heads to sixth ring central reclamation without backup


o   No one knows he’s there


o   Jareth punches out


o   Sticks Jareth with the paralytic, carries Jareth out, invisible


o   Gets out with Jareth


Scene 8:  Leo, CFS Headquarters




·      Tries to reach Reena to get in contact with Getty but Grimes is her replacement


·      Talks to Grimes to find Colonel Getty


o   Grimes is an asshole buttkisser


o   Getty hired Leo


o   Reports to Getty


§  Metnick not where he was anticipated


§  Myrmidon bodyguards


§  Jibril is KIA (lol nub)


§  Desmond not known to Colonel Getty


§  Don’t be too heavy handed


§  Learns about Tsai


o   Desmond’s info file is truncated


·      Knows Matnick is hiring myrmidons who have disappeared


·      Assist/infiltrate with both Tsai investigation or Cormac investigation to gather information on Desmond


·      Klein is on Cormac


·      Might still be sent after Klein


·      Tells Getty where he’s residing 



Scene 9: Desmond and Jareth, the Black Site 


·      Interrogation room


o   Can’t see out of the room


o   Torture mechanisms – intimidation


o   Well-fortified – a room that bombs could be set off in


o   Abandoned/quite building


·      Jareth is chained to a chair


o   Drugged up, giving up a little more than he wants


o   Offered to match Tsai’s offer, untraceable money, potentially more jobs


o   Works out a deal for as much money as Jareth was going to get, but without Marcus’s cut, , goes to meet Loughlin


·      At the bar


o   Loughlin meets Jareth, won’t reveal much about Christos


o   Desmond watches the exchange


 Scene 10: Leo, Dr. Chowdhury's Home




·      Talking to Chowdhury


o   Fake ID for sanitation


o   Stolen research


§  Remote delay problem


§  Remotely control a device a few miles away or whatever


§  But controlling something very far away would take too long


§  Free consciousness – mind essentially changes anchor from self to something else, controlling ships from across space with just your mind, no delay (almost like Tsai's research hmmm)


o   Knows about leak in Klein 


 Hasn’t contacted Cormac Security due to corruption

Chapter 3: Escalation

Scene 1 – Vlad

Epistem Customer Notification for hardcoded version at view port

Lilith Woman in working clothes, archivist person, cool eyewear, providing requested materials

VLad asks after related works, there are, a pressing matter or wait for more complete search?
day to wait constraint

Epistem woman offers advisor, vlad interested

Resolution: To be contacted by advisor for pressing if it is possible if not jeoporidizing research. Vlad send her bad vives message.

Scene 2 – Jareth

The Drop
-Jareth gets the heavy gauss pistol from arsenal
-Makes the drop and gets map info
-Includes estimated police response times and access to Scoffield's home address

Scene 3 – Leo

-memory of briefing room, man says something about a guy harboring some group, and that that's why he needs to be taken down. flashback to fight with myrmidons, takes many down, rendered unconscious by explosive while in escape pod.
-Leo wakes up. smells insence, seems like a guest bedroom, outfitted to maintain temp&humidity.  he notices his hair is longer and he has the stubble, different/nice clothes. nutrient "IV" on arm. some books am around. leo sees a stylus and grabs it for weapon. AI appears on night stand (18th century look), introduces himself as vamana. he am in the care of doctor chowdhury. gets him food, says that leo hasn't eaten solid food in weeks. eats, then looks for an exit. vamana says that the doctor would like to talk to him before he leaves, knows he's a myrmidon. leo waits, gets some nondescript utilitarian clothes.
-chowdhury arrives, explains that leo was found by a patrol, and he took him in, since he used to do work on myrmidons. leo asks why he's been so generous, ch says that he'd rather not be on leo's bad side. says that he could be useful in some of ch's research. ch deduced how leo was made unconscious. follows the guy to lab, chatting.
-they get to sea lab. chowdhury says he's doing work on immersion recovery. chowdhury offers him menial position while he gets his bearings back. they start talking about if leo has some credentials, but leo says that it would probably be better to fabricate some, they go to a terminal and as chowdhury goes through a bunch of authorization things, and a familiar symbol comes up, (K&M) and leo remembers seeing it on his mission.
-chowdhury says that leo needs to go to the dented hull to meet with laughlin. Leo asks what Chow's angle is, and he says that unmarked labor is hard to come by, and being on a myrmidon's good side is a big plus. chow also says that he has need for a myrmidon, and leo says "perhap"

Scene 4 – Jareth

House Call
•Light Armor
•Boquet of Flowers – burned
•Confronted the husband, burned him a bit, stuck a satchel charge on him and left

Scene 5 – Leo

-leo gets ping, meets laughlin in dented hull. they has drink. leo don't wanna tell why they am meetingk, but says he wants new credentials, something that will let him move around the city pretty freely.
-leo gets the identitiy dwayne marks, a maintenance for compact waste management solutions, not glorious, but many mobility. he'll also have some references. laughlin gives him a document containing some physical sites to do work on. also, offers to am him the guns
-leo ams back to the doctol. leo tells him the false identity, and then chow says something about hiring him for disposal

Scene 6 – Jareth (and Leo?)

At the Club
•Let Reena know he had her husband, sent her a picture of bomb
•Rigged deadman’s switch, forgot to tell reena
•Go to the club, Leo present
•Three cops, EMPs are tossed, autoturret
•Jareth punches through walls to maneuver
•Ultimately punches to the outside

Scene 7 – Vlad

Vlad goes to Terminal, john carteseas face

discussion of danger and help

play waitng game, dont end up on receiving end. TRAPS!!

requesting guns, and maybe cameras
cases own quarters

Scene 8 – Vlad

-laughlin offers Vlad a drink, vlad says he's interested in getting some "advanced home security". laughlin mentions that he's getting low on bandwidth, feels like he might be supplying a bunch of sides in a conflict. reveals to vlad that he was contacted by a mercenary and he knows that myrmidons are about. vlad feels justified
-laughlin mentions that he has a defense pod that vlad can salvage from to has electronics, and says a gun or two would be nice

Chapter 2: Gun


· After three days, Vlad is starting to get the hang of it!

· Taking notes on his wrist computer, encrypting the files

· Gensia suggested that he take a break, omelettes and fruit!

· Talked to the manager of McCormick’s, Joe, fails to really explain his complexion, but whatever.

· Looking up Dr. Sai on the internet, Sai did some early virtual research for immersive tech with Dr. Wenhao Lim, ended up in opposite camps, used computer to delve into minds, Sabio is super extremist.

· Got a map of the city (a bit redacted, you get a lot of access restricted

· Interlude

· Went to the port to see ships, go back and Tsai is not present.

· NEXT LEVEL SHIT – Seneschal

o Will no longer have a virtual body

o Voice only?

o Abandon the illusion of the tangible self

o Okey doke.

· Distinctly Earth, manhole type thing, interpretive

· Mind gets assaulted by many sources of information, seem to be looking out as a camera lens, he sees a large missile, there are other sensors in the room, can move his perspective

· Controlling a simulation of a manufacturing facility

· Making glue, jumping from sensor to sensor

· Interlude

· Basically playing tower defense involving his own mind

· Makes a bunch of drones to send out at the ship, then fire missiles

o Makes some rail-guns, missiles, etc

· Group of small ships surrounding a main ship

o Unusually it’s a free state fleet

-jareth pops some pills and plays with the guns, including: 2 smoke grenades, a stun grenade,

an emp grenade, a guass heavy smg, a gauss heavy shotgun, a gauss heavy pistol, a minigun, and

heavy battle armor. Also, a medi-simulant injector (compatible with battle armor), an explosive

satchel, and a fiber-optic cable. All in awesome condition, not of galilean make, appears to be

mercenary-wear (off-brand weaponry).
-he drinks alcohol and chills out
-gentsia holo-called while he out, listens to her message, grabs some chocolate bars, pain

killers, and some weapons. he leaves to go meet up with her
-she says that she doesn’t need to know about him or anything to do with him, but that he’s to

meet with the doctor to discuss the nature of his work, she hands him a locator/communicator

thing to find him
-Jrth orders a sandwich at the place, eating it sloppily, gentsia says that Tsai and jrth’s

previous employer (Dakkon) have some kind of history, nature unkown. she leaves, und jrth

follows his locator thing
-jrth enters luxury viewing port, and sees the doctor. Tsai explains that the port is generally

used for anonymous romantic excursions, going to the highest bidder. Tsai says its for privacy,

and hands jrth a memstick with his mission on it. jrth says just tell me who and where, and

tsai laughs. tsai tells him that the memstick’s contents will be wiped after being read, money

goes not to jrth but to dakkon (his old colleague). he is officially off tsai’s payroll.
-memstick: contains a stolen galilean security record on dr tsai, explaining how he’s

obfuscating his research and breaking the law. says that he’s bringing in outside people to do

research on military research for unkown reasons. galilean security dispatched myrmidons to

mess up his operations. tsai is not permitted to have personal security force, hence jrth
-memstick continued: desmond, an agent from balrog company (of myrmidons) is sent to find reena

scoffield in corsec, prandtl grimes (shady man) is a contact of tsai’s
-contents wiped, jrth goes to a seedy bar near a port
-“talks with fists” compelled at bar, harasses some guy playing billiards about myrmidons,

different guy whips out knife, escalation, dude backs down, gives him a locator and says "call

me up when you wizen up". Jrth immediately calls him, admits small amount of fault, gets

cooperation and they go to a table
-dude asks what puts myrmidons on his mind, jrth explains that life in the GU is good and

everywhere else is shit. dude explains he was a trader, name am laughlin, got into smuggling,

foiled by myrmidons, and they took off some limbs. jrth asks why he was so upset about bad

mouthing the myrmidons, the guy responds that he knows that they’re around, as well as their

contacts, so they’ll get to you real quick
-jrth goes to go look for grimes (compelled by “show me the money”) at the place where he

usually patrols, goes trolling, two officers come up to him, and he asks them if either of them

is grimes, and he mouths off to them and culls their shit, they direct him to a waiting area

and say that grimes will be with him shortly.
-3 dudes come up and says that one of them is grimes, jrth makes up some stuff about how he and

grimes go way back, they say nope, jrth says its friendly, and the other two walk away, and

they guy says that the manner in which he has approached him is poor form. they go to a bar,

and grimes says go to the bathroom and they’ll talk there, jrth complies
-he locks the bathroom door (so they’re both in the stalls), grimes rolls a thing out of the

stall and deactivates the camera, he comes out and bears his nasty face.
-they talk of their mutually shadyness, and then of myrmidons. jrth asks about desmond, then

grimes whips out a gun and asks who he am, jrth slaps gun away from him, and continues asking

about desmond. cooperation is has, grimes says that desmond is investigating tsai, currently in

cormac. he says that if he really wants info talk to reena scoffield. Also, desmond am first,

more coming depending on what he finds. Balrog company specializes in destroying assets. grimes

says that he could give him more pointers if he’s “incentivized”. Jrth asks him about marcus

dakkon, and he tells him that he dropped off weapons to tsai for reversed engineering. Grimes

says that he can get him a police map of things, and then jrth talks about payment/threats.
-they negotiate to trade one of jareth’s untracked pistols for the map and access to some

family homes

-Vlad goes for a quiet drink at The Dent where Jrth was
-day 2 of attacks, armor idea successfully repels OFS fleet, and rail guns
wave 2: terran recon vanguard drone
-Vlad: make pods that deploy chaff, and ra
-chaff disrupts the initial wave
-2 frigates arrive and flank
-Vlad makes turrets
-Frigates deploy strikers with thermal and EMP weaponry to hit torrents
-Vlad rail guns the missile ports on the frigates
-Vlad destroys gunboats with suicide attack from the station
-they talk about Vlad’s trick at the end of the last simulation and how tsai must reprogram it

order to make it more challenging
-vlad calls up gentsia for hang-out options, they go to war history museum, Vlad gets compelled

by Educated Homeworlder to tell her “the real story” about the war, she slips up and says

something about how all of tsai’s contacts like guns. she tells him about another free-stater,

a merc (jrth) who got a lot of guns under tsai’s employ. vlad assures her that they’re both

safe as long as all the guns stay with jrth

Chapter 1: Sucker


Scene 1 –
• Wakes up in the middle of a room, with a dented wall, locked door.
• Pushes the door open
• Room opens to Iceman (stupid name) the pimp, and two enforcers, and a bunch of prostitutes, one of whom Jareth had injured
• Jareth tries to talk/argue for a little bit, decides to just fight.
• Burns one of the thugs and caves Iceman's face in with a flying face punch
Marcus walks in, executes guards, gives Jareth access codes for a new job

Scene 2 –
• Meets .seneschal, Tsai, accepts job offer
• Gets coffee (provided by .seneschal)

Scene 3 –
Gentsia takes Jareth to apartment (he hits on her…badly)
• The apartment has painkillers, AND GUNS.
• Still has no idea what the job is


-wakes up, has caffeine pills with OJ (synthetic), showersz, go to work an hour late
-work in crust, goes to her office, people at work have mixed feelings about her as a person
-notification from KLEIN about job, video message from Hort of his ceiling-climbing cats
-delegates subordinates to do stuff with emails related to job (Chowdhury, biochemical engineer who is having problems with his computer systemsz)
-KLEIN talks to lorrie about chowdhury case, fiatLUX is responsible for leaks in cases that Lorrie worked on, KLEIN says unless she can prove otherwise, he'll assume that she is fiatLUX. Should be a trivial case, but investigate and don't let it happen again. good work btw.
-Lorrie puts tracer on subordinate to begin investigation of subordinates. Leak stuff has to do with biochem, specifically has to do with procedure stuff though no conclusions.
-Lorrie finds some info and decrypts to figure out that the leak is from Hort's computer. Skepticism. She has tlacel on Hort
-Lorrie goes to talk SAMSON LAZARO (a subordinate) to show him the data KLEIN gave her so she can has understand what the experiment is useful for, employ humor to make him think she's not trying to steal it
-it so happens that its about increasing tolerances to immersive reality, lorrie assimilates info, and looks up stuff about fiatLUX
-fiatLUX am woman hackel, info goes to her and then somewhere else. She am specifically Melis Qasimova, Client Relations Officer for CommPact Waste Management Solutions


-Flashback to two months ago: Vlad is in a dark briefing room with a Tycho Group Agent, who tells him that he is needed for an operation of theirs involving the Galilean Union.
-Vlad is curious why he, a tech, is going to be working for them. Agent responds that they need someone very technically capable and experience with the maintenance and design of defense arrays, which none of their agents are, to infiltrate a scientist's lab and get as much information as they can back to the TF. As a final note, he adds that if it goes well, vlad will be taken off of active duty and allowed to work for the TF at his leisure so he can be with his family.
-Vlad agrees, and they get into the specifics…
-Back to present, Vlad, under the identity Kristos "Railgun" McCoy, wakes up on a transport vessel pulling in to dock at Cormac on Europa. Goes through customs as a foreigner, and presents the authorization he was given from the Tycho Group.
-After waiting around, Vlad meets up with Gentsia, Tsai's secretary. They head over to the transport tube to meet with Tsai. Small talk goes awkwardly as Vlad tries to stick to his cover and comes off as an uneasy man.
-They arrive at Tsai's apartment, Vlad interacts with .seneschal, Tsai's AI. When Tsai arrives, they have an informal interview where Vlad/Kristos talks about his previous work.
-Tsai tells Vlad that he's working on a defense system, so Vlad/Kristos will be in his element. Satisfied, Tsai says see you tomorrow, and Gentsia shows him to his apartment
-Vlad takes the transport tube back to Tsai's lab the next day, and Tsai is late. He shows up in a few minutes, and they get down to business.
-In the lab are many immersion tanks, and Tsai says that that is where Kristos will be working, after he learns how to use it.
-.Seneschal and Vlad do a training exercise in the tank while immersed, and vlad thinks he fails, but apparently did very well by actually getting things (though not the right ones) to happen. They continue with exercises.



-Wakes up and goes to the lab to find that Ikvinder, Doctor Lim's apprentice and persistent thorn in Sabio's side, has been working for at least 40 hours on some problem regarding reconciling different simulation paradigms
-Sabio questions why Ikvinder has worked so much overtime and if the approach might be wrong; Ikvinder snaps back and asks why Sabio doesn't take it up with Lim if he's so concerned
-Ikvinder gets frustrated and leaves
-Sabio decides to look over Ikvinder's work. bell.1c0Se, the lab's AI, warns him not to pull anything funny. Sabio consults Oby and they conclude that Lim has sent Ikvinder on a wild goose chase to test him
-Sabio realizes someone may be in this failed simulation
-His fear is correct and he recovers a young man from the simulation tank. At first the boy cannot even remember his own name but eventually Sabio assesses his affective states and has bell.1c0se provide the data on how to handle a subject that has turned out this way. Sabio implants a command to prevent the boy from recalling his experience and directs him out of the lab
-Ikvinder and returns and he and Sabio get in a nasty argument on experimental ethics which mainly consists of personal attacks. After ikvinder strikes a particularly low blow Sabio parts with the promise that Ikvinder will "learn to have more respect when in he presence of a fallen God". He then leaves to cool off and get a sandwich



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